“These People”


On the other hand, these people think that John was a prophet.

~Mark 11:31, CEV


Condescension is insecurity’s self-defence.

~Source Unknown {Wish I knew}

Every culture or society has class distinctions. Joe David and I stood out in the heat for hours waiting to walk through rotunda of the Capitol when Ronald W. Reagan body was lying in state. The line would move and then there would be long delays. When we got closer we saw the problem, the VIP’s where breaking line. I didn’t like it then and not thrilled with it now but that is life in these disunited States. The rich and famous are in a class above us. I guess we are what you would call common people. I don’t really have a problem with being a commoner but truth be known, there are those whose rank is inferior to ours. Condescending is a temptation for those of us who are in the middle class. I know, God has convicted me time and time again. The disciples were common people like ourselves. John the Baptist was just a country preacher, like myself. He did not live in a fancy house or wear fancy clothes. He did not dine with kings and queens. He was a man of God and the people loved and respected him. This upset the Jewish big wigs who craved approval. Jesus threatened the Jewish religious leaders: He made them feel uncomfortable and they wanted Him eliminated so they tried to trick Him with a question about authority.

The scripture above is the answer of the JRL: Jesus turned the table on them by asking them if John baptism was of God or man. If they said “God,” Jesus would say, “Then why didn’t you believe and repent at John’s preaching?” If they said “Man,” they were afraid the people would stone because John was loved by the common people. They referred to the commoners as “These People,” someone separate from themselves. Obviously, they were above “these people,” and yet these people were right, John was a prophet and these know it all elites were wrong.

Some thing have not changed. These rich Jews [like Bloomberg and Soros] are just as condescending at Caiaphas and Annas. They think they are better than we are and in there way of thinking: their wealth proves the point. This un-elected bureaucratic government {Washington insiders} we have in DC, put there by Roosevelt and the democrats that followed are a condescending lot. They look down on us. We fight the wars, police the streets, pay the taxes while they sit in ivory palaces telling us what our kids can have for lunch at the school cafeteria. They are elitist, in the mold of Bloomberg and Caiaphas. They have no respect for us and when we don’t elect the folks they want in DC, they start their dirty underhanded and malicious scheming to remove the very people we put there. Yes, it is a slap in the face and I am sick of it.

LORD willing, we are headed to Mississippi State today for Holden’s graduation.

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