Victory In Jesus


 For the king trusts in the LORD, And through the lovingkindness of the Most High he will not be shaken.

~Psalm 21:7, NASB


God’s answer for the mess of your life is one word: GRACE!

~Max Lucado

The word translated ‘lovingkindness’ by the NASB is a hard word to translate. A lot of translations use ‘unfailing love.’ The Hebrew word is checed and it is one of few that I remember from my O.T. Theology class. It can be translated kindness or favor. Although there is another Hebrew word for grace, checed is also a word for GRACE. In Psalm 21 David tells us the SOURCE of our victory [the LORD], the MEANS by which victory is obtained [GRACE] and all the EFFECTS [JOY in the LORD’s presence].

As I was studying Psalm 21: VICTORY IN JESUS came to mind. This well known hymn was written by Eugene M. Barlett who is considered one of the founding fathers of Southern Gospel Music.  He was born on Christmas Eve in 1885 near Waynes­ville, Mis­sou­ri.  Bartlett relocated to Sebastian County, Arkansas with his parents. Bartlett dedicated his life to Jesus at an early age. Bartlett lived in the south and enjoyed a reputation as a fine music teacher. Based in Arkansas, he traveled the entire southern portion of the country holding singing schools for anyone interested.

Eugene M. Bartlett, Sr. was a very successful business man, and decided to invest his money in which he founded the Hartford Music Company in Hartford, Arkansas sometime in 1918.  Within the first year of business he sold more than 15,000 copies of his hymnbook.  Many writers, singers and musicians received their first opportunity in gospel music at Hartford Music Company including Albert E. Brumley who wrote “I’ll Fly Away” and “Turn Your Radio On.” Bartlett’s mission was to publish hymns and teach singers to sight read.  He also was editor of the music magazine, Her­ald of Song. His son Eugene, Jr. was al­so a hym­nist and com­pos­er.  When he was not instructing, Bartlett was an avid composer of hymns and gospel songs.

Though almost all of his songs have sunk into oblivion among the Christian body today, “Victory In Jesus” remains one of the most popular and widely known songs of the church. In 1939, a stroke rendered Bartlett partially paralyzed and unable to perform or travel.  He spent the last two years of his life bedridden.  Amid such bleak circumstances, he wrote his final and most beloved song, “Victory in Jesus,” an optimistic number that has been sung by millions in worship services and recorded by gospel’s biggest names. 

Only two years after his stroke, Bartlett died January 25, 1941.  He is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Siloam Springs, Arkansa. Bartlett was inducted into the Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1973. Victory in Jesus was first published in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Victory in Jesus did not become popular until 1960; almost twenty years after Barlett’s promotion.

For GRACE POINT members, I apologize–this is a portion of last nights sermon. I got busy yesterday and forgot to write my blog. I did make notes but never composed the blog. I did this from memory from the home office.

The young lady who was killed in the automobile accident was someone I knew and baptized some years ago. If I am not mistaken, she is Jean and Frankie Holladay’s grand daughter. I hope I am wrong: please correct me if I am.

Talked to Tracey B. yesterday and she sounds great: very upbeat which is what I expected. Tracey B. Prater is a CLASS ACT. She is a noble woman of great integrity. Please remember Tracey B in your prayers and pray for Lilly G. She got her a puppy.

Chloe got her two kittens and Holly puts their food on her deck. Last night Big L was leaving Holly’s: he opened the door to leave and there was a trash panda eating the cat food. He screamed and ran back inside. Big Mama will not let him live this traumatic experience down.

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