Walking With A Limp


The sun rose above Jacob as he passed by Peniel. He was limping because of his hip.

~Genesis 32:31, NIrV


Every believer has a spiritual handicap to remind us constantly of our need for His grace.


Jacob lived by his wits for the first 40 years of his life but as he was returning to the land of his father Isaac, he had a divine encounter with an angel who appeared in the form of a man. Jacob and the angel wrestled all night and the angel threw Jacob’s hip out of joint because Jacob refused to let go until he got a blessing. Jacob spent an entire night alone with the LORD because he was at his wit’s end. Jacob, the quick-witted con artist who always had a plan was baffled. His brother Esau was on the way with a small army. Jacob was fearful and anxious. He did everything he knew to do: he separated his family and livestock, he sent gifts on ahead for his brother Esau {to soften him up}. THEN Jacob prayed!

To this point in Jacob’s life he had been able to scheme and con his way through any situation but now Esau was coming with 400 men and they were no boy scouts. Esau was a warrior by nature and Jacob was not a man of violence. The situation was looking bleak. Jacob’s chickens were coming home to roost; his sins were finding him out. He and his servants are no match for Esau. Thus Jacob is very worried and afraid, so as a last resort, he prays.

Genesis 32:7 Jacob was terrified at the news. He divided his household, along with the flocks and herds and camels, into two groups. 8 He thought, “If Esau meets one group and attacks it, perhaps the other group can escape.”9 Then Jacob prayed

I think Jacob understood, perhaps for the first time in his life, that if God did not come through, he and his family were history. With his back to the wall, Jacob surrenders his will to God. Not only did he get a name change, he had his life changed by this divine encounter. For the rest of his life, he walked with a limp but I don’t think he complained. His limp was a constant reminder of his dependence upon God’s grace. It was a constant reminder that Jacob was not self-sufficient. Praise the LORD for the limp. Every child of God needs a divine encounter with the LORD where our will is broken and our life surrendered to His will and purpose. I too, walk with a limp. Sin is humiliating and shameful. The only thing good about sin is it reminds me of  my need for His grace.


It was a Sunday and we had a great day with four additions and two professions of faith. Those on prayer list that day were Allen Hopkins, Bobby and Barbara James, Betty Blackwood and Tommy Chamblis. We also had our first VBS planning meeting.

Sorry about missing a couple of days. We really got behind last week and with Ty’s tournament plus the WBS at Sardis Springs, we were pressed for time. I did spend some time protecting the tomatoes Jerry gave me but other than that, I have put all my projects on hold until I finish the bible study. I am not a multitasker. I tend to do one thing at a time and right now my focus is on the Bible Study.

We did have a great LCBS lesson yesterday and I love my LCBS class. Jim was not present so Sammy took charge and did a great job. We got off topic once and Sam called us back to the task: Keith said, “That is a first.” I love this class. I think I can honestly say, it has been the more refreshing aspect of my retirement. We also had a ton of visitors. Where in the world are all these people coming from. HOW do we explain all these visitors? I think having a young pastor has helped but I am wondering if the media pastor and the ads on social media are not helping also. Hey, it is wonderful to see new faces. Our already packed nursery had new babies yesterday.

The WBS at Sardis Springs went wonderful. I had the same liberty there that I have at home. I loved every minute. They have great attendance. It is a unique church. I do not know of another church that can do what they do. I would drive that 45 minutes to teach 5 people and pay my own expenses; we had close to 200 last night, maybe more. We will not have that many tonight but I am still excited. I had youth and adults last night: tonight, I will only have adults. Their youth program is booming. They had a POF from their Wednesday night Youth Service last night and they baptized right after the POF. Tim doesn’t waste time.

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