What Happened To The Democratic Party?



If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

~Psalms 11:3, AV


If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for the selfish {greedy law makers themselves}.”

~Noah Webster


bro. jack marc crowI had this blog written yesterday but my computer rebooted itself during the night and I lost the entire thing.  Fifty years ago, the democratic party was totally different from the party today. Wilson and FDR were progressives but most democrats of the era were not. The progressives were a left-wing minority in those days but they have complete control of the party today. Old democrats like George Wallace and Zell Miller no longer exist. For a century after the war of Northern Aggression, the democrats were advocates of STATES RIGHTS [Various states like Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia]. The progressives are advocates of the rights of the STATE [Federal Government]. They violently oppose STATES RIGHTS because they know that States, especially those in the South would never support their radical agenda. We can thank Mr. Lincoln for the complete destruction of STATES RIGHTS.

PROGRESSIVES are supposedly for progress but they don’t know the difference between going forward and going down. Actually, they have no sense of direction. These left-wing liberals do not operate on the basis of logic or reason. They are not reasonable people. They are in fact CULTURAL MARXIST, followers of Saul Alinsky. Don’t take my word for it, check it out, do your own research. In order for the progressives to establish control of this new world order, this ‘egalitarian’ society, certain things have to be destroyed. Like all Marxist, they believe that the birth of their new society will come out of revolution but not necessarily one fought with guns. They are thinking in terms of a sexual revolution, a cultural revolution where they incrimentally destroy one institution after another until nothing stands in their way. The following is a list [incomplete] of things that Progressives must destroy.

  • American History. True American history contridicts everything they stand for and what they are against: primarily God and Country. Progressives violently oppose all forms of patriotism or nationalism. They are repulsed by the mention of our founding fathers. Washington and Jefferson are not their heroes. True history must be destroyed and so they have rewritten American history and now our heroes are Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
  • The Constitution. Progressives hate the constitution and they only time they refer to it is when they misuse it to pursue their twisted agenda. They are using it now to justify the mass immigration of Muslims from Syria. Obama is giving these Muslims constitutional rights that were intended for citizens only. Normally, Obama spits on the constitution. It was written by men who owned slaves. Some government educated children believe that slavery began in America. This is horse manure. Slavery, like poverty has always existed. Without George Washington, there would be no America. Without Obama, there would be a better America.
  • The Neuclear Family. Progressives see the family as an oppressive unit that pushes racism, sexism, homophobia and fascism onto children. They say that the family is patriarchal, authorative and hierarchical. They believe that after the eradication of the family, they can fill children with the ideas of ‘equality’ and ‘egalitarianism.’ The methods in which they set out to destroy the family are to promote homosexuality, feminism, sexual liberation and a reliance on the state. The role of the father has also been under attack, cut the father out of the family unit and the job is already half done. The family is labeled as a ‘generational chain of oppression.’
  • Borders. The Progressives want a borderless society where everyone is free to move as they choose. Sounds good but it is antithethical to NATIONAL SECURITY. What we are doing in America now [allowing Muslims in by the thousands] has already proven disasterous to Western Europe. All Muslims follow the same book; they are united in purpose and intend and that intent is to destroy America as it is today. This is what they teach all their children in their schools that we are building for them. Without borders, there are no NATIONS. Without Nations, there is no citizenship. Without citizenship, there is no security.
  • Sexual Gender. The purpose of the ongoing sexual revolution is to destroy sexual idenity. These idiots want a genderless society. A society where there are no men and women, only people. How stupid is this? God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. His plan and purpose for man was to procreate and fill the earth. This requires men and women. Homosexual is unnatural and is impotent when it comes to procreation which is the first prupose of sex. These morons point to freaks in nature and then claim, homosexuality is natural: no it is not, it is perversion. Use your brain. If all horses were queer, the equestrian species would become extinct in less than a 30 years. The same would be true of every species. Homosexuality is not only immoral, it is destructive to man’s purpose. Homosexuality can destroy an entire culture and yes, it could destroy the human race.
  • Order and Authority. Black Lives Matter is a movement born out of the Progressive play book. It is a play upon racial tension in America. These folks could care less about black lives. Black babies are being aborted everyday, three out of four in Washinton DC. Black policemen or being shot, black Marines die on the battle field. Have you noticed that Obama doesn’t care about black babies, policemen or soldiers. He doesn’t even care for his black family in Africa. He uses racial tension to divide and to destroy. He didn’t get his way, not yet but I am convinced that he wanted the angry mobs suckered into the BLM to burn down a few American cities. This would have given him the excuse to declare Martial Law.

I said all the above to say this: Hillary is a PROGRESSIVE, dyed in the wool. She idolizes Saul Alinsky [A Jewish Communist]. He was an elitist as are most communist and wealthy Jews. The egalitarian society that the progressives have in view will be ruled by a minority of elites. They want a powerful state which gives them authority over our education, children, health, welfare and everything else. They want more government and less freedom. Is this what you want? If the answer is no, don’t vote for Hillary.


  • I cannot lie, I have a burden for the Country and I am worried, almost to the point of depression. The REVIVAL came at a good time for me and the service last night was a shot in the arm. WOW! I have not seen the RUACH {Holy Spirit} move like that in a while. Walker was the first to come to me [invitation] and I could tell he was under heavy conviction, then there was Harley and Anna and I saw the same powerful conviction in them. We had 5 wonderful Professions of Faith and three redications. What a service! Thank YOU JESUS!
  • Pray for RAIN! Joyce Chaney is doing better. I will be leaving the office momentarily to visit with Joyce. Keep praying for Hayleigh McClendon.
  • Pray…Attend…and invite a friend. Two more REVIVAL SERVICES. What will God do tonight? I don’t have a clue but I want to be here to find out.
  • Professions of faith last night:
    • Jason Haynes
    • Harley Fields
    • Anna Shaneyfelt
    • Walker McAbee
    • Alliy Jacobo

      Prophet, Teacher, Man of God...come hear him tonight!
      Prophet, Teacher, Man of God…come hear him tonight!

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