What In The World


 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

~1John 2:15, ESV


There is a common, worldly kind of Christianity today– a cheap Christianity which offends nobody, and requires no sacrifice — which costs nothing, and is worth nothing.

~John Charles Ryle

What did John mean by the term world in this verse? He did not mean the cosmos, creation or the planet earth. There is no sin in admiring the natural world so long as we admire it as a created thing and give God the glory for creating it. You have to admit, there are some breath taking sights in this world. I have seen the Niagara Falls and the Grand Tetons. I happen to love mountains, lakes, streams and that sort of thing. I have always dreamed of living on a creek that flowed year round with crystal clear cold, almost icy water. Nothing soothes the pain of tired feet like a cold creek. I love the open country with corn field, cows, horses, barns, silos, and farm houses. It is one of many reasons I like to visit the Amish. When John talked about not loving the world, he was not taking about these things. He was not talking about family either. It is true that you don’t need to love anything or person more than you do Jesus, but when John talks about not loving the world or James about being a friend of the world, they are talking about the WORLD SYSTEM SET AGAINST CHRIST. They are referring to the organized system that is antichrist and crucified Jesus. They are talking about the world view that ignores Christ completely and lives only for the present like Esau.

One of the signs that you are growing in Grace {2 Peter 3:18} is that you love the world less and Jesus more. In other words, your love for Jesus should be increasing and your love for the world should be diminishing. Other than family, friends and my calling, there is nothing to keep me here in this present world. What about my John Deere? I am sure that Jesus has something in heaven that is infinitely better than my John Deere or my gravely. The suffering I see daily diminishes my love for this world. The nightly news, if I watched it, would diminish my love for this world. I sat and watched the Bama/Ole Miss game and didn’t get up, and did not hollow at the TV. I know you don’t believe me but I have two witnesses. Even football, which at one time I loved dearly, has lost its luster. I don’t think there will be any football in heaven. Again, I am sure Jesus has something prepared that will make us forget all about football. If you don’t already know, let me tell you: “This world will disappoint you; don’t put your confidence it it and for heavens sake, do not love it.”


I am not sure I have this straight but I think Soy took a turn for the worse last night and it is my understanding that he has been promoted. I hope I misunderstood. Please pray for Teddy and Lisa and the entire family. Soy was sitting on the front porch Saturday night watching a football game and intruders came up and shot him in the stomach. It is my understanding that they tried to get him to Guatemala City but didn’t make it. Again, I may be wrong but pray for the family. For the Grace Point family, this is our missionary in Guatemala. Pray for his wife Deidra and their three girls.

Have a good day and thanks for reading the blog.

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