Sarah said to Abram, “Since the LORD has prevented me from bearing children, go to my slave; perhaps through her I can build a family.” And Abram agreed to what Sarah said.

~Genesis 16:2, CSB


A fickle and changeful thing is woman ever.


A woman’s prerogative is the change her mind. About the time you get the couch on one wall, she decides she wants it on the other. In this regard, Sarah was typical. It was her idea for Abraham to sleep with Hagar, Sarah’s slave. Sarah actually made Hagar go into Abraham’s tent. Abraham had sex with Hagar, she became pregnant and proud of it to the extent that she ticked off her mistress. It wasn’t so much what Hagar said that disturbed Sarah, it was her attitude. So just three verses down from Sarah telling Abraham what to do, she changes her story completely. Note verse 5…Then Sarah said to Abram, “You are responsible for my suffering! I put my slave in your arms, and when she saw that she was pregnant, I became contemptible to her. May the LORD judge between me and you.” The CEV makes it a little clearer...This harassment is your fault. I allowed you to embrace my servant, but when she realized she was pregnant, I lost her respect. Let the Lord decide who is right, you or me.” I’ll go ahead and tell you, Abraham was wrong even though he was right. You know the old riddle: if a man says something and his wife is not there to correct him, is he still wrong? Guys, we are always wrong and they are always right because for you and I, it is better to be reconciled than to be right. Jimmy Stephenson called it “peaceful co-existence.” The truth is, and most folks can’t handle the truth can’t handle the truth, Abraham was wrong. He should not have listened to her in the first place. In this matter, he put pleasing his wife over pleasing the LORD and the world is still suffering from the outcome. Sarah jumped the gun, she got ahead of God. She tried to fulfill God’s promise her way and it backfired big time.

Years ago, more than 45, June and I were at the home of some church members on Sunday night after church. We were enjoying a late supper and having a good time. The phone rang, and our hostess answered: she said, “Bro. Jack, it is for you.” I thought I was safe and that no one knew where we were but that was not the case. The angry woman on the other end of the line, blessed me out as soon as I said hello and before I could say a word, she hung up the phone. Needless to say, that made me very angry and put a damper on our fellowship and fun. I debated as to whether I should go to her house and confront her husband who I was holding accountable. As it happened, she pulled into our drive as soon as we got home and out she came on another tirade. I ignored her. I did say one thing: “Where is your husband?” She stopped long enough to say, “He’s in the truck.” I walked right by her as she raved and ranted. I walked to his pick up. He had his window rolled up, so I started pecking on the window. He reluctantly rolled it down and I said, “Joe, either get your wife in the truck and carry her home or you get out and you and I will settle this here and now.” He hesitated for a minute and then said, “Lee, get in the truck.” She was still bumping those gums when she got in but she got in and he pulled out and took her home. He should have taken her to the psych ward. Just telling you men, if you wife called me and blesses me out, it is going to be your fault, just like every thing else.

I know what some of you are thinking: what if Joe had called my bluff. Hey, it’s a change you have to take sometimes. Hey, I’ve dealt with one or two that would make Joe look like a cub scout. I am definitely here by the grace of God. I’m neither brave nor violent but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I need you to pray for Ben Bates and myself today as we do Amanda’s COLS. I really feel for these two children. They are too young to lose a mother. I thought I was going to lose mine at age 11 and a dark cloud gathered over me that I can not describe. I think it was the worse day of my life. For me it was only a one day deal because someone had given me bad information. I haven’t forgotten the day and I have compassion on kids who are facing this kind of grief. Their names are Carter and Ava and I think they are 12 and 15.

Sorry, I forgot to hit the button last night.

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