You Know That You Know



You know the LORD is God! He created us, and we belong to Him; we are His people, the sheep of His pasture.

~Psalms 100:3, CEV


You can’t know, you can only believe–or not.

~C.S. Lewis


bro. jack marc crowGod way of relating to humans is by faith. This method of operation is God’s choice not ours. Is the bible God’s word? Is Jesus the Son of God? Does God love us personally? I believe all three are true but I cannot prove them empirically. The hardest truth for me to accept is that Jesus loves me unconditionally but when I watched the passion of Christ, I left convinced that He does and I don’t think I have doubted since. Although we humans want verifiable proof, as did the Pharisees and Scribes, no proof will be given because God’s method of operation is FAITH. No one can become a Christian a part from faith. As a matter of fact, without faith we cannot please God at all. God demands faith and He has put us in a position where faith is absolutely necessary.

BUT at the same time, there are some things we just know. Things that are so real and obvious that it takes little or no faith to accept them. I am a list maker and David gives us a list of seven things we can know:

  1. We know that the LORD {YHWH} is God. Moffatt always translates YHWH as The Eternal One. I like to translate it, The Infinite One. I can assure you that God is the Eternal One. So far, no one has been able to explain infinity a part from an infinite being. Only a fool would believe that you can have infinity without an infinite being. An atheist is like a fool who sees a beautiful garden but does not believe in a gardener.
  2. We know the LORD, The Infinite One is our Creator. We certainly did not create ourselves.
  3. We know that we belong to Him in some fashion because He made us and by faith we believe He redeemed us from sin.
  4. We know that we should be thankful. Folks, I don’t believe that I should be thankful, I know I should be thankful. I don’t have a single doubt.
  5. We know that the LORD {The Infinite One} is good. No creation could be sustained by an evil creator. The very nature of evil is destructive and this is obvious and observable. God is good or else creation would have self-destructed long ago.
  6. We know that we should praise the LORD {The Infinite One}. He is infinitely greater than we ourselves. We are the sheep of His pasture. We look up to HIM. He is the high and holy One.
  7. We know the LORD {The Infinite One} is faithful. He is always the same; He does not change. In a world that is changing, we need to know that Jesus never changes. He doesn’t need to change. He is perfect.



  • Kaley Greer
    Kaley Greer

    I don’t know exactly how many attended Kaley’s COLS but it was more than a thousand and less than two. I would guess about 1,500 and there were multiple professions of faith. I think one of my grand children counted 34 who stood and acknowledged accepting Christ. The football team sat together and several from the team stood. Bro. Tim was anointed as always. When it comes to speaking over the promoted: there is no better than Tim Keenum. When it comes to writing cards and fixing food, there is no better than Sardis Springs.

  • AWANA swim party tonight. If we get 500 there, I will do a back flip off the high dive. If we get 50, David Wood will do a back flip off the high dive.
  • Tomorrow Schedule: Deacon’s meeting @ 8:15, LCBS @ 9:15 and REVIVAL @ 10:15 {Junior Hill preaching and the Clark’s singing. What a line up!} Guatemala report @ 6:15.
Dr. Junior Hill at DBC August 21 @10:15 am
Dr. Junior Hill at DBC August 21 @10:15 am


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