Celebrities Or Babies



The LORD takes delight in those who have respect for HIM.

~Psalms 147:11, NIRV


Liberals are children [immature], whiney, spoiled children.



Unfortunately for us, many atheletes have achieved celebrity status. Not only do they think like unholywooders, they expouse the same childish diatribe. Stan Van Gundy, the coach of the Detroit Pistons, is upset that we have elected Donald Trump. He labeled Trump as a racist and a woman hater. I don’t think Donald hates women. It is obvious that Hillary hates white men but we didn’t make that an issue. Van Gundy is so upset with America and especially Evangelical Christians that he made the following statement:

“It’s embarrassing. I have been ashamed of a lot of things that have happened in this country, but I can’t say I’ve ever been ashamed of our country until today.”

He claims that his players {Detroit Pistons} are depressed about the election. Van Gundy said, “They feel like they have been thrown under the bus.” I am assuming he is referring to the fact they the Pistons are predominately black. Trump wouldn’t have to do much for the Black community to out perform his predecessor who did nothing for Blacks. How is it that liberals can talk about the Black community and then call someone else a racist. Why does the community have to be black or white?

A Jack 4I have no sympathy for these whinning liberals. If Van Gundy doesn’t like the results of the election, let him move to Canada with Mylee and Whoppie Dinbat. What if I had made a threat before the election that if Hillary was elected, I would move to Israel? The truth is: very few people care where I live. It is not like the nation depends on me. Who do these celebrities and spoiled athelets think they are? What do they contribute? Would we miss the Pistons if they relocated? Really, how damaging would it be for the celebrities to move to another country? I would begin raising money today to buy them a one way ticket but they aren’t going anywhere. The sad thing is: they assume we care. We don’t need them. They are parasites.

Stan Van Gundy and all the liberals can slam Evangelical Christians all they want but the bottom line is: we fear God, they don’t. We defend the rights of the unborn. They are concerned about the rights of transgenders. We aren’t perfect but we know that God has the last word.


  • I didn’t intend to blog on anything connected to the election but I was listening to talk radio and heard Van Gundy’s diatribe and I couldn’t resist responding.
  • GREAT REVIVAL. It has been a good week. I told several people that if it would rain, it would be a perfect world. That, of course, is an hyperbole. Our world is not close to perfect and little Kayleigh is still battling cancer. I can never be content in a world where cancer takes the lives of innocent children. BUT, God has shown us a lot of mercy this week and we should be THANKFUL.
  • We have a lot going on this week. GOLDEN GIRLS meet Saturday morning at 9:00. We have the CHILDREN’S lock in on Friday.
  • The FORTE will be closed to everyone on NOVEMBER 23 [pm], 24,25, 26. We are going to wax the floor and it takes 2 days for it to dry.



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