A Terrible End


In spite of all this, they kept on sinning; in spite of his wonders, they did not believe. So he ended their days in futility
    and their years in terror.

~Psalm 78:32-33, NIV


Discipline is the difference between goals and accomplishments.

~Jim Rohn

Many, many years ago I heard a preacher pray, “LORD help me to finish with my testimony in tact,” and it has been my prayer since. Psalm 78 is a commentary on Israel’s rebellious history. God showed favor to the Israelites: He saved them from bondage and delivered them through a perilous wilderness and He did it with many signs and wonders. This generation of Israelites saw more miracles than any generation in history unless it would be those who were living during the incarnation. They saw the ten miraculous miracles in Egypt, then the Shekinah glory cloud, then the Red Sea opened, the destruction of Pharaoh’s army, water from a rock and manna from heaven but it was not enough. In spite of all this they kept on sinning: in spite of all these wonders, they did not believe. As a result of their unbelief, God gave them over to their sinful rebellion and He ended their days in futility and their years in terror. Folks, this is not a good way to die.

There are some things that are worse than physical death and one is to live without purpose. These unbelieving Israelites wandered in circles for forty years. Their lives had no direction and no purpose. They were drawing a breath and a pay check but they were not living. Notice what the scripture say…HE ended their days in futility. In other words, they exhausted God’s patience and He said enough: “I’m putting you on the shelf; I am through with you. I will keep you alive but you will accomplish nothing. Your days will end in futility.” Futility is the quality or state of being useless. We have a choice: we can be used or useless. I don’t know about you but I want to be used and useful; not useless.

Another great LORD’s day as we shared two messages from the SERMON ON THE MOUNT. I love this study and what it is doing to my heart and life and I had great joy in sharing these messages yesterday.

My weather woman says hot and dry this week and I try not to think about it. We got a dust settler on the 4th and another last night. I have not cut our yard in two weeks and it really doesn’t need cutting in most places now. In weather like this, I wish I had a house on a creek. I would soak my feet in the cold water every day. Nothing helps the feet more than cold creek water.


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