A World Of Trouble


Darken its {Job’s birthday} morning stars and remove all hope of light, because it let me be born into a world of trouble.

~Job 3:9-10,CEV


I might have entered the ministry if certain clergymen I knew had not looked and acted so much like undertakers.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Wednesday is usually the day I visit the shut-ins and those in the nursing homes. I’m telling you folks, “Growing old is not for sissies.”  Aging presents a lot of problems. Things that are easy for young people to do become quite a chore for the elderly. Job’s friend Eliphaz had all the answers, the problem was–his answers were incorrect. Eliphaz told Job that if a man lived right, he would live a long life and his body would be strong till the day he died. Eliphaz was full of it, if you get my drift. The law of thermo-dynamics is at work in God’s universe. I have less energy today than I did when I was a kid. The problem is, I have less than I had yesterday. Our decline in energy is so gradual that we don’t even notice until we get about 65 or 70 years old. Some of our young Eliphaz types out there are probably thinking: “You could run and jump if you had the will.” You want to bet? I can walk, even walk fast and I am grateful for that ability. Roger, Ray, Lou, Annie and Neil can’t walk. Roger and Lou can walk a little but that is with help. They cannot do as they please. They are confined and restricted: the will is there but the strength is not. Obviously, Eliphaz had never suffered from congestive heart failure. If Roger stays on his feet for any length of time, the fluid in his legs and ankles becomes unbearable. You’re probably thinking: “I don’t want to hear all of this, I read the blog to get lifted up not to get depressed.” I understand so I will get to the point.

I talked with a friend day before yesterday who shares a common problem. It has nothing to do with our health but it is one of those problems where there seems to be no solution. My friend believes in the sovereignty and goodness of God. Although he carries a heavy burden, you would not know it. He does not mope. He does not feel sorry for himself. He is constantly thinking of others. When I talked to him, he was at a function to support a friend. He went out of his way to be there and to some expense but that’s his MO, the way he operates. Neither he or I would make the claim that we are in Job’s shoes but we do understand that we are in a WORLD OF TROUBLE. When Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world,” He was referring to our ability to make a difference in a WORLD OF TROUBLE. Salt not only preserves [fights and prevents bacteria in food]; it flavors. Food without salt is not just bland, it can be down right sickening. Jesus cautioned us not to hide the light in this WORLD OF TROUBLE. When you think of “Salty Christians,” you may be thinking of irritating people who rub everyone the wrong way {like me for example} but as I studied this subject for my Sunday sermon, the word “zest” came to mind. Zest is enthusiasm, fervor, ardor, passion, delight and enjoyment. This was the LORD’s complaint against the church of Laodicea, they had no zest. They were simply going through the motions which is sickening.

Our “zest” is the light. Don’t cover the light; it cannot help unless it is visible. Don’t be a gloomy lifeless wallflower. Yes, we are in a WORLD OF TROUBLE but cheer up, Jesus has overcome this world. The emperor Julian came after Constantine and he vowed to wipe Christianity off the map. His attitude toward Christians was horrible. He called us hollow-eyed, pale-face, flat chested, underachievers who are preoccupied with suffering and death. I don’t know how he got that idea but lets make sure that no one around us thinks of us in the same light. Yes, we are in a WORLD OF TROUBLE but we have joy because we have Jesus.

I love Mrs. Annie Murphy. This is Terri Nelson’s grandmother. If you remember Larry Slater who coached Lori at Wallace, she is his mother and she married Don Murphy’s dad late in life so she has been a mother to Don and his entire family. She is a fabulous lady. She is sweet as an apple pie. Has a wonderful attitude. She fell Thursday evening and cut her head but she is back at Summerford and doing great. If you are at Summerford’s, pay her a visit, she will bless your heart. Becky, Peggy Lindsey’s daughter is also in the hospital. Mrs. Neil Brown’s daughter Linda is also sick.

I don’t know about you but I am dreading this cold weather. I have gotten use to these 60 degree days which are perfect. Have yourself a great weekend and pray for your president and your pastor.

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