A Zephyr


And after… the strong wind, the earthquake and… the fire there was the sound of a gentle whisper.

~1 Kings 19:12, NLT


The voice of the Spirit is as gentle as a breeze. So gentle, that unless you are in communion with God, you will not hear it.

~Oswald Chambers

How does the Infinite communicate with the finite? If your answer is “anyway He chooses,” I suppose you would be correct. God speaks through His word, through preachers and teachers, through events and experiences but He also speaks to us personally through our spirits. This is the voice Elijah heard. It is not a loud voice; it is not like thunder but more like a Zephyr {soft gentle breeze}. On the way to my building last Saturday morning, I was meditating on the song I COME TO THE GARDEN ALONE and I was thinking about one specific line…“He speaks and the sound of His voice is so sweet the birds hush their singing.” I agree, I love the sound of His voice. I love when He speaks so often that it is like a Zephyr. I was in my study last week and I was burdened about several things and my spirit was aching for a word and sure enough He spoke. Oh, my dear friends, you cannot imagine {maybe you can} the joy of hearing Him speak. It is a little different for me because if He stops speaking, I have nothing to say from the pulpit on nothing to print in this blog. Oh, I could keep talking but my words would have no substance or conviction.

He speaks to me most often when I am engaged in prayer. Sometimes, I stop my prayer and obey the still small voice. It could be a text, a phone call, a visit or a blog. Can I assume that He is going to speak? Not really, I actually do not know when He is going to speak. I cannot predict or anticipate it. It is a grace thing that leaves me in awe and wonder: I am just glad He speaks. Some people talk only about their past experience, “I was saved in March of 1958. I still remember the place and the preacher.” That is well and good but we need to be talking about PRESENT WONDER not pass glory. I worry about people who are not enamored with present wonder. I really believe some of them are deceived. They are the very ones who stand and say, “I know, that I know, that I know I am saved.” I am thinking, “You may know it but I don’t.” If you are really saved, Jesus should mean more to you today than ever and you should be experiencing HIS present wonder.

Chambers says the Zephyr will lead to a paean. I know, I had to look it up myself: a paean is a song of praise and triumph. If you don’t have a paean, you have a problem. Doug sings a song that I really like…

Sometime when misgivings darken the day
And faith’s light I cannot see
I ask my dear Lord to brighten the way
He whispers sweet peace to me

He whispers sweet peace to me
He whispers sweet peace to me
When I am cast down in spirit and soul
He whispers sweet peace to me


PTL for a project completed. It is always a good feeling to get something done. More heat today but rain and cooler weather tomorrow. The last word I had on Gregg was that the doctors are still evaluating and they will call him today or tomorrow. Joyce Chaney is very low. Joe David said she did not wake up when he was there yesterday. Peggy is at home and I am sure she would love a visit if you have some time on your hands.

Chloe Bug’s last words as she walked out the door this morning was “Mama, check me out early today.” Chloe Bug is not going to make it 70 straight days. The child hates school.

I hope you have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.


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