Don’t You hear the tumult and commotion of Your enemies? Don’t You see what they are doing, these proud men who hate the Lord?

~Psalm 83:2, TLB


I am free of all prejudice, I hate everyone equally.

~W.C. Fields

Most of the time, I write from the heart. I don’t watch news because it depresses me and I know that to be the work of the devil. God does not want us to be discouraged. Over the years I have learned to take criticism but I have also learned to filter it: I do not listen to those who’s intent is to discourage. The devil is always behind such criticism. But even so, I still have my moments of discouragement. I do not like losing and lately, the left seems to be winning every victory. I am pro-life to the core so Roberts betrayal hurt me deeply. I kind of vented on the blog yesterday and then I opened my bible to Psalm 83 and began to read: I couldn’t believe my eyes. Verse two, which is today’s verse, really jumped out at me and captured my full attention. Then I got to verse 4, “Come,” they say, “and let us wipe out Israel {the Republic}—we will destroy the very memory of her existence.” Is this not exactly what is taking place today? They are trying to destroy our history. There has always been an antagonism between the world and the church {Israel is a type of the church}. God’s people have always been despised and hated; this is nothing new. The people who hate the Republic also hate Trump, the church and the LORD himself. These folks are energized by hell itself; the fire of hate produces a lot of energy. They are relentless and their intent is to destroy.

What is sad are those who have been taken in by the deception. It is sad first of all, that they have been duped or deceived but it is sadder still that we cannot reach them. These dupes are not going to read my blog but even if they did, it wouldn’t make any difference. What part of abortion do they not understand? I don’t get it, I have sat with them and in as gentle of a manner as I know how, have begged them to consider the plight of the unborn and it is like water off a duck’s back. It is like speaking to a deaf ear. Don’t kid yourself, these yellow dogs are all around us. They can no longer reveal their identity without being ridiculed because they are completely out of step with the church. Russel Moore doesn’t speak for Grace Point, DBC, Sardis Springs or Friendship. These churches, along with most I know, are solidly Pro-life. How is that professed Christians align themselves with the world in the persecution of the unborn and the church? I don’t know one person on the left that is sold out to Jesus. J.D Greear is more committed to to a cause than he is Christ. A lot of them are religious and active in church and are especially involved is social ministries but they are not sold out to Jesus. Do you think that I am going to give my support to a group that hates Jesus? Wake up folks, the left hates Jesus! Find me one leader in the democratic party who loves Jesus. Find one! Clinton, Carter and Gore at one time professed to be Southern Baptist but all three bring a new meaning to the word hypocrite. They may be social do-gooders {especially Carter} but they are not Jesus freaks. When have you heard them exalt Jesus? Hey, you aint going to heaven because you give alms to the poor: the only way to heaven is JESUS. Your social do-gooding doesn’t mean squat to the Judge of the universe. Your righteousness makes Him sick. You’re going to have to have a better brand to get into heaven: the only name brand He accepts is JESUS. This is my story and I sticking to it; JESUS, JESUS, JESUS and then more JESUS! The “Real believers,” Paul said to the Philippians “are the ones who fill the air with praises to Jesus.” {Philippians 3:2-6, MSG}

I bet there are some unhappy folks about the rain but I love it. It is a token of God’s mercy and grace and we cannot survive without it. Be flexible, alter your plans or you might bet bent out of shape. Go with the flow! We have a dozen or so at the beach so I hope it is not raining there. I have never seen it rain at the beach. Of course I don’t spend that much time at beaches. I do wish the morons hadn’t canceled major league baseball. The PGA is the only group with half a brain. I am so sick and tired of BIG BROTHER telling us what to do. When folks go to dropping like flies, people will wear mask and stay at home. The problem now is that we don’t believe anything they are saying. We have seen no real evidence that this is a deadly plague. Our fear is that everything has been grossly exaggerated. I have to see more evidence to believe that this is any worse than the Swine Flu. The evidence may be there but I have not seen it. I have a feeling that we will not hear much about the virus after November 3. I believe the virus is real but the reaction to it is political.

Today is the the first day of the second semester: 2020 is speeding by…like a bullet!

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