America Repent, Please!



Your country lies in ruins; your cities are in chaos. Foreigners and strangers take and destroy your land while you watch.

Isaiah 1:7, JEV


“Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”

~Alexis-Charles-Henri Clérel de Tocqueville


Isaiah chapter one in context is about Israel but this passage describes America to a tee. Here is a paraphrase with America inserted in place of Israel.

The Lord spoke and this is what He said, “The nation I raised from the ashes to be a beacon of hope and a bulwark for liberty and justice has turned against Me. America is a sinful nation laden with guilt. Her leaders are wicked and corrupt and have turned away from Me in pursuit of their own personal interest. America is depraved from head to toe, from the White House to the Church House, it is a nation of rebels. America is imploding: foriegners are siezing property and commerce while we sit idly and watch. We are importing by the thousands, the very people who will destroy us. America’s destruction will not come in an instant like that of Sodom and Gomorrah, America is dying slowly and will suffer longer and all so unnecessay. I, the LORD, am sick of religion. I have had my fill of the hypocrisy of those who play church. I don’t want to hear your praise songs. I don’t want your offerings. I want you to repent and turn to Me, the One true God. I am sick of your lies, your incessant propaganda and I hate abortion. How can you claim to be good when you violently murder the unborn. Your sins are blood red and you are stained from head to toe with the guilt of the innocent lives you have taken. Your leaders have rejected Me and allied themselves with criminals and thugs. They are more interested in power and wealth than they are the needs of the people they pretend to serve. I don’t want more religions, more steeples to adorn the landscape; I want America to repent, to turn to Me their only hope. Though America’s sin are blood red, I will wash her and make her white as snow.”


  • Only nine days to go in 31 Days of Prayer. Be sure to log on to the church web site and 31 Days of Prayer for encouragement and instruction. We have a little over a week to focus on Church Unity. Before Septemeber is over, we will know if we were sincere in our praying. We are asking for a miracle, one that only God can perform. Please do not let up in your praying. If you are having trouble remembering or focusing: fast with us. It will work. You will not forget, I promise you.
  • I am schedule to play with Don Fields and Ronnie Shipley in the DHS Girls Softball Golf Tournament at 1:00 today. If Don and I complain about our back hurting after playing golf, June has threatened to line us up and shot us. She says, “I’m not wasting a bullet, I’m going to line you up and shoot both with the same shot.” Jan is cheering her on. Trust me, the woman needs no encouragement. I can’t speak for Don but “its my back and I’ll complain if I want to. I only play to raise money for various groups and I have not played since becoming a senior adult [65]. Eddie had given me a set of left handed clubs [I bat and golf left handed] and I had shoes, umbrella, the whole nine yards and my clubs were in corner of my study at home for years but they are gone and my shoes are missing. June says it’s my fault. She says that about everything even my weight. First she said I moved them; then she changed her story to I let someone borrow them but who would borrow my shoes? I bet someone got a good deal on a set of left handed golf clubs at “Aint God Good” thrift store. Any who, Don gave me an old set of his clubs and I’m going to play cross handed. Rod Gilliot thought it was impossible until he saw me do it. I am equally bad from right or left. Ronnie says the reason he takes me is for my entertainment value. It’s a good thing I’m not playing with Willard, Jason or Joe David. They think my entertaining has no value. Although they never smile when I tell a joke, I know they are laughing on the inside.
  • I can’t tell you how thrilled I was that we got rained out Saturday night. We have reschedule the AWANA kick off for this Sunday night 5:00-7:00.
  • Junior Hill called me this morning: thanking us for the love offering. Junior was blown away by your generosity and I was very pleased. Two Sundays in a row, you dug deep to give generously and I appreciate it. Junior is excited about the ROAST coming November 13 and so am I. By the way, great day yesterday, we had four come for BAPTISM. We have got to baptize the last four Sundays and we have one coming up this Sunday. We have baptized 24 this year PTL. Joe David and I plant, Junior watered but it is GOD WHO GIVES THE INCREASE.
  • Peggy Lindsey grand daughter Lindsey spent two weeks in Iceland. When Peggy told me about it, my curosity was stirred and so I googled some Iceland slides…

iceland (1)

iceland lake


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