Be Careful What You Asked For


 The LORD heard you when you cried out. You said, “We wish we had meat to eat. We were better off in Egypt.” ” ‘Now the LORD will give you meat. And you will eat it. You will not eat it for just one or two days…you will eat it for a whole month. You will eat it until it comes out of your nose. You will eat it until you hate it.
~Numbers 11:18-20, NIrV


When you get what you want you may not like what you have.

~Adrian Rogers

The Israelites did a lot of complaining and they somehow forgot that God could hear them. They were unhappy with their conditions, especially their menu. They were getting tired of manna and they wanted meat. Moses took the problem to God. Moses reminded God of the size of the congregation: there were 600,000 men. When you factor in women and children, most people believe there were between 1.5 to 2 million Israelites in all. Moses said, “I couldn’t give them meat if we slaughtered every animal in our camp.” Moses basically told God that a menu with meat was impossible and it was for Moses but not for God. He drove millions of quails right into their camp. They came in flying about 3 feet above the ground. It was easy for the Israelites to catch them and they did by the baskets full. But before the meat could digest, it made them sick and many died. Before it was over with, they hated quail.

It is easy for us to label the Israelites as complainers; they were–As Bill Cagle use to say, “They would have complained if you hung them with a new rope.” They complained for the same reasons we do: they were ungrateful. They wanted to go back to Egypt where they had free fish. I suppose they had forgotten about their slavery. Slaves eat free because they have no money. A couple of weeks ago, I got unhappy about my circumstances and so I asked the LORD for something and He promptly gave it to me. It was not quail and it did not make me sick but it did remind me to be thankful for what I have. It is easy to get discontent and unhappy with our circumstances but we need to be careful. God may give us what we crave but in the end, we may regret asking.

June is having surgery on her foot today: she doesn’t want me telling anyone but she will not read today’s blog–she will be out of it. I will be running things for a few days while she gets back on her feet. I already have Sunday dinner planned. As long as no bills come due, we will be fine. Don’t call, don’t visit, don’t bring food or she will know I told you. We are going to Cullman this morning for the surgery and should be home by noon.

I will be going {Lord willing} to Gadsden on Saturday. Ty Bo is in a Basketball Tournament there: I don’t know if it is State of Regional. We won the area a couple of weeks ago. What a beautiful day yesterday but today the temps are suppose to start dropping and then we are going to have a week of winter. We the weather we’ve had this winter, we can’t complain.

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