Burden Sharing


Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. 

~Galatians 6:2, NIV


Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

~Theodore Roosevelt

I don’t normally do what I’m about to do but I feel compelled to make and exception. Ray and Darlene are going through a very difficult ordeal and they need our support; our prayer support and the affirmation of our love. They do not need our opinions or our advice but they do need our love and support. I am challenging everyone who knows Ray and Darlene to reach out humbly with a simple card or text. I’m sure they don’t want phone calls: I know I would not. This family is in integral part of DBC and they have never needed us more than they do right now. I am begging you church; don’t let them down. None of us know when tragedy will strike and this is tragic. The very same thing that happened to them can happen to June and I. You never know. We need to be very careful about social media chatter. Let’s not say something that makes the situation worse. I’ve been in the ministry 50 years and there is no better children’s teacher than Darlene Williams. She is second to none. She taught all my older grand children. Seth stayed in her class for an extra year. She made a difference in his life and she has done the same for other children. You can imagine how beat down they feel by all the news and the chatter on social media. Our job is to counter all the gossip and chatter and give this hurting mom and dad some affirmation. We can do this but we have a tiny window. I don’t think there is a person in this world that will grade higher on showing mercy and compassion than Darlene Williams. The box blade that leveled the sand on the new play ground was given to me at my retirement by Ray and Darlene. Let’s love them like they’ve never been loved. We can do this church.

I was listening to Finebaum on Tuesday and a Ole Miss fan called in: he said they had less than 6,000 at their spring game. He also said that Political Correcting is hurting the university. The PC police has put so much pressure on them, trying to force them to change their mascot [it was a confederate soldier or rebel]. The same thing is happening at George Washington University. Their Mascot is General George himself. They are saying George was a racist. Bologna, these idiots have no idea what they are doing. George Washington is the most indispensable person in American history. Just as God used Moses to free the Israelites, He used General Washington to free America. Do you really think the Israelites would have made it out of Egypt without Moses? America would not be America without George Washington. I am sick of political correctness.

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