Butting Your Head Against A Tree


Why do the nations plot, and why do their people make useless plans? The kings of this earth have all joined together to turn against the Lord and his Chosen OneThey say, “Let’s cut the ropes and set ourselves free!”

~Psalm 2:1-3, CEV


“The first duty of every soul is to find not its freedom, bit its Master.”

~P. T. Forsythe

Over the years, the last fifty, I have developed an affinity for the second Psalm which according to N.T. writers was written by David and really, no other author would make sense. Psalm two is unique in that it is one of thirteen Messianic Psalms. The criterion for a Messianic Psalm is that it be quoted in the N.T. with a reference to Jesus and Psalm 2 is quoted more than any other Psalm {17 times}. Not only is it a Messianic Psalm, it is a Royal Psalm; one of ten. It is the only Psalm that fits into both categories. Obviously, I love the Psalm because it is clearly detailing the future of our LORD and King Jesus Christ. For you and I, it is prophecy because it has not happened in time yet but from the eternal perspective, it is history. What is clearly seen in heaven at the present will be seen here on earth some day. Jesus will return as the LION of JUDAH and He will rule the world with an iron scepter. In the second advent, He will not suffer, He will not endure persecution and He will not be nailed to a cross. I don’t know about you, but it is obvious to me that the world has conspired against Christ, God’s anointed King. What happened in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago is still happening today. Annas, Caiaphas, Pilate and Herod conspired together against Jesus the Christ. It was the leaders who incited the masses to rebel against His divine authority.This world-wide conspiracy, from leaders down is still in play today. The same folks who want to kill babies are haters of Christ and trust me, He is hated. There are some who hate me, a lot more who hate Nick Saban and Donald Trump but no one is as hated as Jesus. Saban and Trump are hated for their success while Jesus is hated for being good. This conspiracy of hate is orchestrated by Satan himself. Hollywood hates Jesus; the movies they produce are proof. The media elites hate Jesus. The democrats hate Jesus. Rich Jews like Bloomberg and Soros hate Jesus. The NFL hates Jesus. The only reason Tim Tebow is not playing today is his love for Jesus. He talked about Jesus so much, it made the powers that be uncomfortable.

The goal of this global conspiracy is to destroy every vestige of Christ authority. This is exactly why democrats hate the constitution: it is closely intertwined with scripture and they hate scripture because it reminds them that God is our supreme authority. The Supreme Count is Washington is not the SUPREME COURT. This hatred for the unborn, for life, for Christians, for patriotism, for the bible is a masked hatred for Jesus. Verse one in the AV reads “Why do the heathen rage?” This is a picture of an animal going into a rage because it has been tied up or restrained. When I was a child, we had goats, just like we had cows and chickens. Daddy tied one to a maple tree in the front yard because we were having friends over and he kept attacking people. He was a young billy who wanted to be a big bully. When you were not watching, he would head but you from the rear and in the rear. Daddy tied the little tyrant to the tree and it made him fighting mad. He butted the tree until he knocked off born of his horns and blood was running down his head. He would have killed himself has not we moved him to the barn.

The world {Hollywood, Washington, Media, Rulers} are like this stupid goat: they are butting their head against a tree. Yahweh has made His choice, He has place His anointed Son on the Throne and there is nothing the world, the flesh or the devil can do about it. The people is places of power think they are ruling the world but nothing could be further from the truth: God is in absolute control. So let them rage, rebel, clamor, protest and riot; they are simply wasting time because all their efforts are futile. Their work will come to nothing. HIS KINGDOM WILL COME AND HIS WILL WILL BE DONE. No doubt about it!

  • We have 18 people at Grace Point who are reading through the bible with me this year. I am excited.
  • Found a verse is 2 Samuel 7:18 that fits the Bailey’s like a glove, “LORD All-Powerful, my family and I don’t deserve what You have already done for us.” This is the gospel truth.
  • Big Mama and I loved Dollywood. I’ve been a little hard on Dolly because she took “Dixie” off of Stampede and she hobnobs with the Hollywooders but I have no criticism about Dollywood. The SMOKIE MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS was a worship service with Jesus clearly being exalted. I sat there is shock. I cried and I clapped and at the end I shouted. Don’t worry, no one other than the LORD heard me because their were shouts all over the theater. The Blue Grass Christmas show was also good and also exalted Christ, just not as much as the other. Then we went to see the stage production of “ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE” and June is not into the stage. She was ready to go after the second number but I didn’t want to leave. George Bailey saw himself as a failure because he never left his small home town, never attended college, never made a name for himself, never did anything noteworthy in terms of the world. This is most of us, right! He was ready to take his own life until Clarence the Angel Second Class intervened. Clarence was able to show George what Bedford Falls, New York would have been like had George not been born. Instead of being a caring community, it would have become Pottersville, a money grabbing society of selfish people. George never did anything big but all the little things he did for others kept one small town from going to the dogs. Below is my favorite number. It is called Money, Money, Money and it features the selfish and greedy Mr. Potter. {Sound is not good quality, sorry about that}

Money makes the world go around
The world go around
The world go around
Money makes the world go around
It makes the world go ’round

A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound
A buck or a pound
A buck or a pound
Is all that makes the world go around
That clinking clanking sound
Can make the world go ’round.

If you haven’t any coal in the stove
And you freeze in the winter
And you curse on the wind
At your fate
When you haven’t any shoes
On your feet
And your coat’s thin as paper
And you look thirty pounds
When you go to get a word of advice
From the fat little pastor
He will tell you to love evermore
But when hunger comes a rap
Rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat at the window

At the window!

Who’s there?


Ooh, hunger!

See how love flies out the door
For Money makes the world go round.

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