Communication 101


But one who prophesies strengthens others, encourages them, and comforts them.

~I Corinthians 14:3, NIRV


Say what you mean and mean what you say but don’t be mean in the process.

~Image Quotes

Obviously there were some folks at Corinth who were coveting the gift of tongues more than any other gift. Paul prefered the gift of prophecy over tongues. When you speak in tongues, no one is helped because only God understands what is being said. If you preach a message in Spanish, I may get a word every now and then but I will miss the thrust of the message no matter how hard I listen. To communicate to me, you have to speak in a language I understand. There will be no more prophecy in terms of revelation. No modern day preacher or prophet will do what Isaiah and Jeremiah did but we do communicate God’s word, we do present his message and the clearer we make it the more effective it becomes.

There are still those who despise new translations of the bible. They love the poetic ring of the King James and the ambiguity of a language we no longer speak. They can read the KJV and not be convicted. We don’t mind the verse that says, “Don’t muzzle the oxen that treads out your grain.” A lot of people read that phrase and then quickly pass it off but the modern translations make it clear, don’t starve the preacher who feeds you spiritually.” I have read every English translation I can get my hands on and I have found no inconsistencies. I use the NLT and I never dreamed this would happen. I used the NASB for 35 years but the NLT is much simpler. Since I cannot read the Greek manuscripts, I use the NASB as my basic proof text.

Most folks have no idea what it takes to translate the bible. Some 15 years ago, I had the humbling privilege of sitting at a table with a group of Bible Translaters. The first thing I realized was my inferior intellect. These guys are sharp as tacs and they work together as a team. Some translations have teams of 20 or more and they pour hours into their work. Do you realize how much collective IQ is involved. I tell folks, “you will learn more by reading new translations than you will by reading commentaries.” I read I Corinthians 14 out of the NIRV day before yesterday and I saw things I have never seen before. They were there in all the other translations, but I did see them. My goal is to communicate God’s word to others in the clearest manner possible. I make no attempt to be politically correct or traditionally correct. I do want to be theological correct.

Somebody must have prayed for me and I want to thank YOU. In my old age I have been getting a little nervous about COLS but a calm and peace came over me yesterday that just isn’t me. As soon as I got in my car I said, “Thank YOU Jesus.” Mrs. Payne was a sweet lady and her service was beautiful. When Steve sat down he said, “I went a little long didn’t I?” I said, “She deserved it; you can’t get in a hurry when you are doing one like this.” Bro. Steve did an excellent job. I was impressed. He knew details about Mrs. Payne’s life: he even knew what pictures were on her frig. Anyway, bottom line is that it went well and the children were pleased. I enjoyed getting to see Judy and the girls. I also got to see Todd and Carri and Richie. I can’t leave out Tracey Todd and of course I see Ricky all the time. I one time or the other, I pastored 8 of her grands. Mrs. Minnie Mae was blessed with good children and some great grand kids.

This Day is 2000

According to my journal, we had Chip Matthews COLS on February 13, 2000. Chip was a good friend who battled the dreadful diease of cancer for more than a year. Chip was a gracious man. Valentine’s day was on Sunday in 2,000. Dian Anders did a concert on Sunday Night.

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