After the Israelites left the Red Sea, Moses led them through the Shur Desert for three days, before finding water. They did find water at Marah, but it was bitter… and the people complained and said, “Moses, what are we going to drink?”


Some folks would complain if you hung them with a new rope.

~Bill Cagle

Dr. James MaHoney said the Israelites had three day faith. After witnessing one of the greatest miracles of all time, their faith evaporated in three short days. One day they are singing and dancing on the sea shore and three days later they are complaining about Moses and bitter water. If this was the only incident, it would not be too bad but the Israelites were chronic and incessant complainers. Just forty-five days from Egypt and they are complaining again, “We wish the LORD had killed us in Egypt. When we lived there, we had all the bread and meat we wanted.” Moses response, “Why are you grumbling to us? Who are we? You are not really complaining about us– we are nobodies–but the LORD has heard your complaints.” Chapter 17 picked up with the same theme, the people started complaining to Moses, “Give us some water.” Moses said, “Why are you complaining to me? [Do I look like a water fountain?] Are you trying to put the LORD to a test? Listen, it didn’t matter what Moses said or did, these folks were going to complain because they were unhappy with what God was doing. It was not Moses idea to lead them out of Egypt. Moses did not pick the exit route. It was God who freed them from bondage with His awesome power. It was God who sent Moses to help these ingrates. It was God who instructed Moses to take them by way of the wilderness.

Why do folks complain to their preacher and about their preacher? Who gave you your pastor? Who sent him to be your instructor and leader? Who called him to be a pastor in the first place. You are in reality, complaining to God. I think some folks enjoy complaining as much as they enjoy doing nothing to solve the problem they are complaining about. I have never met a complainer yet who was a worker. The only thing they work is their mouth. They want to serve but only in an advisory capacity. When it comes to helping others, they are absolutely useless but just let them have a need and they start clamoring for help. Have you ever noticed, those who don’t help with showers are the ones who demand them. What makes you think folks ought to bring you gifts when you have never given the first thing to anyone. I’ve heard folks say, “I don’t do shower gifts.” Well then don’t expect them when you kid gets married or has a baby. Have you ever noticed: it is not the givers who complain, it is the takers, the freeloaders. All these riots and demonstrations promoted by the left are made up of dead beats and well-fare bums who don’t have anything to do other than complain about the system and hard-working, tax-paying, gun-toting angry white guys like myself. If these dead beats would get a job, they would have time to protest and complain. I feel better now!

So stop complaining and start making plans. Stop making excuses and take responsibility for once in your life. Do something to fix the problem. Complaining to your pastor is not going to help because he is not God. If you have a problem, be a man and take it to the top.

There have been a rash of promotions lately: attended a COLS today, one tomorrow and June’s cousin’s on Saturday. We Baby-Boomers are going fast. I did not visiting today but made some rounds yesterday and found everyone doing well or at least tolerable. God bless you and have a great night. The weather is getting right, amen! I love it!


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