Corrupt Justice


Will corrupt justice win you as an ally, contriving mischief under the cover of law? They conspire to take the life of the righteous, to condemn the innocent to death.

~Psalm 94:20-21, REB


I’ve noticed that everyone who is in favor of abortion has already been born.

~Ronald Wilson Reagan

Antonin Scalia was an Associate Justice for the U.S. Supreme Court, appointed in 1986 by Ronald Reagan. He will go down in history as one of the greatest jurist of all time. He was the son of an Italian immigrant. He was born March 30, 1936 in Trenton, NJ. He went to college at George Town and then attended Harvard School of Law. He was Roman Catholic and the father of nine children. He was a brilliant man with a cunning mind and keen sense of humor. Even his opponents admired and respected him. He was an originalist or textualist. He believed that the constitution was a fabulous document that should be treated like a treasure or heirloom. He had great respect for the founding framers. He believed that the role of the judge was to enforce the constitution, not change it. He reminded his fellow jurist often that their job was not to reinterpret or change the constitution: this could only be done through the various states and the legislative process.

I watched a two hour documentary on PureFlix of Scalia’s life and I was thrilled to discover his contribution and his position. Although he never admits he is pro-life, his nine children are good evidence. He reminded the court often that Roe v. Wade was a blunder and unconstitutional. In Roe v. Wade, the judges took it upon themselves to legislate and they made a law that has cost millions of American’s their lives. To my knowledge, no law in the history of civilization has been so fatal to so many innocent human beings as the infamous Roe v. Wade. The libs are so coy, they are sly devils who manipulate people by misrepresenting the truth. They use terms like Pro-Choice instead of Pro-Abortion or Pro-Death. Does an abortion not take a human life? Is the termination of life not death? So they are pro-death, not pro-choice. They depersonalize the baby. The baby is never referred to as a person but a fetus: how clever. Notice their insinuation that everyone who is anyone {Intelligent} was in favor of abortion which of course is another lie.

Think about it: how many democrats do you know? When I was a kid, you would have been laughed out of the county to run for public office as a Republican: then 99 of every 100 were boll-weevil democrats with some yellow dogs mixed in. What cost the democrats the South? What one issue caused people to swap parties? You know the answer and so do they: Roe v. Wade polarized the country and in spite of what they say on CNN, the majority of American {overwhelming majority in the South} are pro-life.

In search of today’s quote, GOOGLE, which is very liberal, was no help. I knew Reagan had some good pro-life quotes so I went directly to his quotes…then I had this amusing thought…Where do we find Jimmy Carter quotes or Al Gore quotes? I guess Al’s most famous quote will be “The Planet has a fever.” What a clown: he should get the Nobel prize for con-artistry. What about Bill Clinton quotes? I have some in mind but we can’t go there: what a degenerate and the yellow dogs worship the man. I have one senior adult lady who still gets on to me for disliking slick Willy. We had one [no longer with us] who had an 8X10 of Billy boy on her wall. The far left is so far left that they’ve left the former far left behind…Just watch…+

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