Desiring The Best


The one who refuses correction despises himself, but whoever listens to reproof acquires understanding.

~Proverbs 15:32, NET


“Mankind intuitively wants happiness and the best life has to offer.”

~Ray dis Comfort

Correction and reproof are difficult to handle for most people and for all Bailey’s. I was corrected a thousand time plus in my childhood and adolescence and although I did not appreciate it then, I am very thankful now. My tendency was to get angry when people corrected me and there were times when I was determined to do the very opposite of the instructions I was given. I was slow to learn and slow to listen. Children and youth dream of being on their own, of making their own decisions and I do admit there is a freedom in being an adult that I do not want to surrender but we do not reach a place or a plateau where we no longer need correction and reproof. I get it almost daily.

Solomon wrote this Proverb and he knew by experience that to ignore correction and to despise reproof is to despise ones self. We all need correction and reproof, we all need the counsel of others and when we become too proud to take advice from others, we become our own worse enemy. Solomon ignored his father’s advice and he paid a high price for his foolishness. Can you imagine a man with Solomon’s gifts and resources ending his life in bitter failure. He ignored the reproofs in the Bible. It seems that he took the scriptural list of what a king is to do and violated every principle. Go to Deuteronomy 17 and check it out for yourself…Moses said…The king must not accumulate horses for himself nor go to Egypt to buy them…He is not to have many wives…He is not to accumulate gold and silver…He must keep a copy of this law with him at all times and observe its words and statutes…He must not exalt himself above his fellow citizens. You and I both know that he violated every statute that Moses ordained. I fully believe Solomon died hating or despising himself. Keep in mind, he did not live to be an old man; he died in his middle to late fifties.

Learn to take correction and reproof. If you study the lives of great men, you will discover that they made course corrections along the way. Woody Hayes refused to change, Paul Bryant corrected his course and continued to succeed. The same thing is true with TRUMP; he made a course correction. I was told some years ago…the average church is looking for a new pastor every seven years, if you want to be that pastor, some changes will have to be made. Regret is hard to live with; she is overbearing and very persistent. She goes to bed with you at night and wakes you up in the morning. The more you rebel, the greater you will suffer from her tyranny and you will despise yourself for ignoring good counsel.

Sorry for being late today, my routine got urself yesterday and I never recovered. Josh and the youth left for camp today: counting workers, I think they have 47 in the group. PTL for Josh and Mary, and a praise for Charles and Leigh Anna for going as drivers and advisors. I tried to upload the pic of the youth but had no success. I have three Apple devices and all three have different passwords and IP numbers. I can’t airdrop anything to myself. My kids tell me to get apple are they will not help me: I get apple and they still don’t help me. I hate monopolies; they put us one step closer to communism. It is what it is: everyone has to have Apple and Niki…no one can compete with these giant corps and both are liberal to the core.

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