Disaster After Disaster


Anguish is coming! They will look for peace, but there will be none. Disaster after disaster will come, and there will be rumor after rumor.

~ Ezekiel 7:25-26 (CSB)



The East coast is dealing with Florence and some years back, we had Katrina hit the gulf doing massive damage in New Orleans and Southern Mississippi. What if God allowed, and He could, one hurricane after another. Let’s say six months after Katrina, another C-5 hit New Orleans and six months later, a third. I think you get the picture: disaster after disaster would whip a city like New Orleans off the map. Ezekiel came on the scene a little later than Jeremiah but in chapter seven of his prophecy, he talks about the devastation and destruction that comes with a siege. First of all, when a city is under siege, there is no safe place to go. If you go outside the city, you die by the sword and if you remain in the city, you die from hunger or disease. In other words, it is a lose/lose. A disaster such as a seige or a hurricane can change our sense of value. Ezekiel said in verse 19…They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will seem like something filthy. Their silver and gold will be unable to save them in the day of the Lord’s wrath. They will not satisfy their appetites or fill their stomachs. — Ezekiel 7:19 (CSB) In our present culture, gold and silver are very valuable but in the latter stages of a siege, when there is no bread to be purchased, gold and silver are worthless. This is why the bible teaches us not to put our trust in wealth. David said in Psalm 62, “If wealth increases, be thankful but don’t set your heart on it! The New English Translation reads, If wealth increases, do not become attached to it!

What are we to learn from the horrible siege of Jerusalem that happened not only in the Old Testament but again in 70 A.D. [1] I think the first thing is to Be GRATEFUL. God has been extremely good to us. We are to bask in the mercy of God and thank Him constantly for his manifold blessings. [2] Be HUMBLE, remember one disaster can change everything. A tragic accident, an untimely death, a sick or suffering child and on and on I could go. Just remember this: God can change the way you think and the way you relate to things and He can do it in a heartbeat. If money and wealth are your gods, He can shatter them in moments: pray that such will not be necessary. [3] Be HONEST: Our culture has this idea that money will fix everything. The democrats throw our hard-earned money [that they extort through taxation] at social injustice, education, welfare, the drug epidemic and on and on. Has money made education better? Has it solved the race problem? Will money bring healing to these children suffering from cancer. Will money solve our drug problem? Will money fix broken marriages and decrease the divorce rate? Will money give you lasting satisfaction? Will money atone for your sins? These are simple question that deserve an honest answer. Money is not going to fix public education. John Dewey and secular humanism has undermined public education. Our foundation is bad. We need to burn the Social Studies books, all of them. We need to go back to history: real history not the secular rewrite. The only place where you might get more propaganda and false information would be the media. We have been teaching lies as if they were facts for years. The United States is A REPUBLIC not a democracy. Evolution is a hoax and a joke; not a fact and not an observable science. Let me play prophet: the next step for the secular humanist who control education will be the change the basic concepts of math. Before they are finished, 2+2 will be 5 or 7 or any number that is relative. LIBERALS hate absolutes! It bothers me that we let liberal elites, who have never taught in a class room and who’s children have never attended a public school, tell us how to educate our children. We need to drain the swamp.

  • We had a moral victory last night: we held Randolph to under 50 points. Of course, we have to have a little help from them. We couldn’t tackle their QB. They also had an outstanding kicker. He kicked one into the end zone. The nearest thing to excitement for us was little Waldell returning kicks.
  • Today is the first day of FALL-PTL. It is not supposed to reach 90* today and we have a 50 cent chance of getting some rain. They changed the long range forecast about the middle of the week, not they are saying we will get a slight cooling. The high for next Friday is 74*…Hallelujah!
  • Continue to pray for Amanda, Jeremy’s sister. She is on my heart and mind.


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