Divine Protection


God, hear my voice when I am in anguish. Protect my life from the terror of the enemy.

~Psalms 64:1, CSB


By nature, the devil is a terrorist.


Everyone struggles when it comes to courage. What refrain did Jesus use constantly with His disciples? It was “be not afraid,” or in modern English “don’t be afraid.” There are many examples in the gospels but let me give you one from Matthew 14. The disciples are in a boat on the sea of Galilee and a storm blows in. Jews are not good sailors; they are afraid of water. So the disciples are terrified of the water, the wind and then they see the shadow of a man walking on the water and they think it is a ghost. Now they are mortified. In reality, it was not a ghost, it was not what it appeared to be, it was Jesus Himself and He said to them, “Have courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” This tells me two things for certain: the disciples were lacking in courage and they were easily frightened. The devil has no compassion on us at this point because he wants us to live in fear. He, by nature, is into fear mongering. He peddles and promotes fear. His goal is terrorize us. The very tactics that Islamic terrorist use come right out of Satan’s handbook on terror. A first grader should see the connection and yet we have people in Washington who do not see it. The point is this: the devil is the master terrorist. He wants to paralysis us with fear. The lion roars just before it pounces because the roar paralysis the prey with fear. The poor creature becomes so terrified that it cannot move. The devil is a playground bully. He wants to intimidate us and destroy our peace.

Perhaps you are thinking: “I am not afraid of anything. I go to bed at night and sleep like a baby.” I have heard this before from more than one. Sounds a lot like Jonah. He feared nothing including God but he was a backslider. He was indifferent to the needs around him. The devil had rocked him to sleep in carnal security. Why should the devil waste time on a backslider? After all, what are they doing to hurt his cause? They are no threat to his kingdom so why waste energy on them. Sleeping like a baby is not a sign of a good conscience; it is the sign of seared conscience. If you battle fear, as did the disciples, it could be a sign the Satan sees you as a threat. Some folks are like Jonah, they don’t get up. They sleep through the storm and the chaos. Why would the devil want to wake them. We need a REVIVAL to wake them up.

  • Thank You Jesus for the rain. June and I were in Addison for Landon’s game last night and they got a good shower.
  • Betty Blackwood {Keith’s mom} may be moved back to Summerford today. This is what Betty was hoping for but I am kind of doubtful. Betty is in Decatur General.
  • Jeremy’s sister Amanda still needs our prayers desperately. I heard her laugh yesterday and that did my heart good. I also have a cousin Phyllis {63} who is stage four.
  • Lori’s Golf Tournament went well: the weather was almost ideal. Guess who Josie is sitting by below. She is leaning on that billion dollar arm and shoulder.

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