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But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.

~Luke 8:15, NIV


Your life will not change if your heart is hard, shallow or crowded by worldly cares.

~Wade Morris


A Jack 4Are you satisfied with your spiritual condition? Are their some habits you would like to see broken? Could it be impatience with people, over eating, road rage, or over reacting to trivial things like football games? Personally, I am not satisfied with my spiritual condition and there are things I want to change or see changed. I have been thinking about some things that need changing for the past two weeks. I want to see change in my life and I know this can only happen by the grace of God. Wade delivered two messages yesterday that were directly from heaven. Last night he gave us a biblical game plan for life change. It is found in Luke 8:15:

  • Hear the Word [listen, read the word of God]
  • Retain the Word. The Greek word means to “possess” or to make it yours.
  • Patiently Persevere. Don’t give up or in, keep on keeping on…we will reap in due season if we do not faint.
  • Witness the Harvest. The seed is the WORD OF GOD and it is perfect, potent and very productive. We simply have to persevere. There is no way that the WORD will fail. All the seeds we sow will not take root but some will. If we keep sowing the precious seed some will fall on fallow ground and it will take root.

I have an E-book online entitled EIGHT INSIGHTS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. With each major  paradigm shift in my life, there is a verse from scripture and a mentor related to this life change. Obviously grace is a huge part of LIFE CHANGE but God has also used scripture and people. In my life, these mentors came from many different places. Some were pastors, some were teachers, and some were authors, people I never knew personally like C.S. Lewis. You should check the book out sometime, you might find it interesting, then again you may not. It needs some editing.


  • Very good attendance last night: I meant to get the count but forgot. It was well over 200 and that doesn’t include Children’s Church or the three nursery’s. The nursery’s are always filled.
  • Three more exciting services. What will God do through Wade tonight? PRAYATTEND and invite a FRIEND. I have no qualms about inviting people to hear Wade. The man has a unique gift. He has great insight and the ability to make the truth of scripture understandable. Plus, we got to hear about the brokenness of his past. This man can help a lot of folks. He has a message for the lost but he also has a message for the hurting.
  • Joyce Chaney is in Huntsville Hospital. She had another spell with her heart over the weekend. Joyce is a special person. She epitomizes Christian grace. Also continue to pray for Kayleigh McClendon.
  • Great speech by Mike Pence: must see for Believers….
  • Anecdote: In my first pastorate out of seminary, I had high hopes and bright ideas. I called all our Sunday School workers together for a meeting and I began the meeting with a question: “What can we do to make our Sunday School more effective?” One of the leading women and a teacher quickly responded, “What’s wrong with the way we are doing it now?” Suffice it to say, the meeting was a dismal failure. No one in the room had any desire to change. They were perfectly content with things the way they were.
  • Extra reading: Check out this months IMPRIMIS {Latin for ‘in the first place’}. It is a great read on the Islamic refugee problem and the danger it poses to America. Here is a link to subscribe…it is free…Imprimis
Wade Morris: Evangelist, Preacher, Teacher and Conference Speaker
Wade Morris: A Spirit Anointed man with unbelievable insights. 

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