Entertained But Not Changed


So my people come to you in crowds, sit in front of you, and hear your words, but they don’t obey them. Their mouths go on passionately, but their hearts pursue dishonest profit.

~ Ezekiel 33:31 (CSB)


We live in a culture of emotional weak people; everything, including the truth, has to be watered down {Politically correct} because it is offensive.

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Ezekiel 33 is very understandable, especially the very last part. Here is Dr. Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase of the last three verses…“As for you, son of man, you’ve become quite the talk of the town. Your people meet on street corners and in front of their houses and say, ‘Let’s go hear the latest news from God.’ They show up, as people tend to do, and sit in your company. They listen to you speak, but don’t do a thing you say. They flatter you with compliments, but all they care about is making money and getting ahead. To them you’re merely entertainment—a country singer of sad love songs, playing a guitar. They love to hear you talk, but nothing comes of it. But when judgement comes—and it is coming!—they’ll realize that a prophet was among them.” After reading this, I turned to Matthew 13 where Jesus quotes Isaiah, You will listen and listen, but never understand; you will look and look, but never perceive. For this people’s heart has grown callous; their ears are hard of hearing, and they have shut their eyes; otherwise they might see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn back — and I would heal them. [Matthew 13:14-15 (CSB)] What we need is radical repentance. We need to change; to be transformed into the likeness of Christ but unfortunately, we are entertained instead of changed.

Sure, I like to make folks laugh a little when I can but my goal is not to entertain. My first church out of Seminary was in Northwest Alabama. The pastor who proceeded me was a very polished preacher and everyone loved him. They were still in the grief mode when they called me and some of the older ones who didn’t have filters reminded me often that I was not filling his shoes. Of course, I let them know in no uncertain terms that I had my own shoes. However, they did stir my curiosity and so I found some tapes of his sermons in the church library and I began listening to them. The dude was a coward. I could tell by his messages that he knew what the problems in the church were but he would never address them. Matter of fact, he skirted around them. There were certain people that he did not want to offend. Finally, I told one of the deacons, “No wonder they like him, he never called them to repentance. He never challenged them on the issues at hand. He tip toed through the tulips.” As you might imagine, I didn’t tip toe and yes, I faced the ire of those I offended. One dear lady whom I loved and still love was heard saying of yours truly, “He is a good preacher and I love him but he never says anything good about us.” Why do we go to doctors? My doctor doesn’t brag on me, he tells me what’s wrong and what I need to do to change. He doesn’t pat me on the back or the head and say, “That a good looking gut you have hanging over your belt, why don’t you just keep eating like a pig until you get to the point that you can’t breath.” Do you want a doctor who flatters you or one who will tell you the truth? The truth is, we are all sinners and we all need to repent on a daily basis. We sit in worship and pretend that everything is all right when it’s not. The altars should be full every Sunday and they would be if our hearts were not calloused.


  • They had to take Ray Edwards to the Hospital last night: low blood sugar. After getting hooked up to IV fluids, he perked up. Pray for Ray and Mary his primary care provider. I’m sure glad we got the Block Party in and I appreciate those who came. We did this one for Ray.
  • We could have used a shower but the rain missed us completely. It is no big deal but those leaves get dusty when there is no rain. We picked two 5 gallon buckets of peas yesterday and June cooked a big batch of greens. Lord willing I’m going to have turnip greens and corn bread for lunch today–Yum, Yum.
  • Continue to pray for Kristen Sherman, Larry Bennich and Amanda, Jeremy’s sister.
  • You gotta love this cool weather!
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