Fatal Forgetfulness



Israel has forgotten the God who made them.

~Hosea 8:14, NIrV


If we ever forget that we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD, we will be ONE NATION GONE UNDER.

~Ronald Wilson Reagan


Last Wednesday night after the GATHERING, John Wydner, Don Fields and myself were discussing the plight of the United States. We were discussing the similarities between ancient Israel and America. When you see Israel mentioned by the prophets, you can insert the United States in most cases: Hosea 8:14 is a good example–“The United States has forgotten the God who made them.”

Allah is getting more credit these days than YAHWEH, the Eternal Infinite ONE who created everything. The DNC does not recognize Yahweh at all. They had a prayer at this years convention but they did not bow their heads. A woman read the prayer while the delegates clapped and cheered.  A party that advocates the wholesale slaughter of babies cannot offer a serious prayer. The democrats made a mockery of prayer but the last laugh will be on them: the sovereignty of God is no joke. The democrats have forgotten God; the media has certainly forgotten God and so have the high mucky-mucks in education.

People may forget God but that does not diminish His awesome power or His infinite existence. HE is, He always has been is, and He always will be is, it is stated in HIS name. Yahweh is the Hebrew verb for being. Moffatt translates Yahweh the ETERNAL ONE. I like the INFINITE ONE. Not even a liberal can argue with infinity. Actually, no rational mind can deny infinity; it would take an absolute fool to do so.


  • SUNDAY SCHEDULE: Deacons Meeting @ 8:15, Breakfast @ 8:30, LIFE CHANGING BIBLE STUDY @ 9:15, CELEBRATE JESUS @10:15, AWANA and Visitation @ 5:30, Evening Worship @ 6:15.
  • Pray for Bill Harrison. His resection was rescheduled for today. Pray that it will not be cancer and that no surgery be needed. By the way, Bill picked up children Sunday night for AWANA knowing that all these unpleasant things were going to happen this week. Let’s lift up some heart felt prayers for Bill.
  • We have a two more PRAYER REQUEST this morning: Andrina [Greek for brave] Leathers is in PMC with some stomach issues. She has suffered with nausea for three weeks with no relief. Pray for a break through. They are running test. Jeffery Allen Bass has grand parents and fam in Florida. His Grandmother is 100 and they are not going to move her due to her age. [update: the storm has passed the area where Jeff’s folks live. No major damage and they still have power.] Rita and Larry didn’t have a choice, they had to evacuate. They live in Coco Beach. Rita is Peggy Lindsey’s daughter. Rita taught Hannah in Sunbeams 37 years ago. Who remember Sunbeams?
  • I am thinking about driving toward MATTHEW, I just need to see some rain. I am serious.
  • MATTHEW: The first thought that popped into my mind when I realized that the Weather Service had names this tropical storm MATTHEW was Matthew Tidwell who most of refer to as “Mattie.” I thought, these folks have messed up. This hurricane will have abounding, ceaseless energy and it does. It went by Miami last night and is going up the East Coast of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina today. It is moving slow 12-15 MPH and picking up steam. It is a Cat 4 now but could get worse.
  • Today is my sister Joy’s birth date: she was born in 1947.
  • OCTOBER EVENTS: [1] We host the MBA Annual Meeting on Monday night October 24th. [2] Our FALL STEW is on Wednesday night October 26. The kids will also do hay rides on this night. [3] Trunk-A-Treat is on Sunday evening October 30 [5:00-6:30]. We have 35 venders signed up. This is the most in over a decade.
  • Today we visit Lithuania just off of the Baltic Sea, East of Russia, North of Poland and just across the sea from Sweden.



Fall In Lithuania
Fall In Lithuania

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