“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?”

~Mark 8:36, NASB

I want to paraphrase the above verse, all be it, we are not talking about the salvation of a soul as Jesus was…WHAT DOES IT PROFIT IF A FATHER MAKES MILLIONS AND YET LOSES HIS OWN FAMILY?

I ask for only one thing this FATHERS DAY and by grace, I got it….I wanted all my children and grandchildren to come to GRACE POINT. Of course, I knew that Joe David could not and Josie flew the coup on me but with these exceptions we had 100%. I was thrilled to say the least. What Father could ask for more; my only missing child preaching the gospel somewhere else. I know it took some extra effort on their part to make this wish come true and I am thankful. I was filled with thanksgiving during the service, after the service and all evening. I just can’t keep it in. I didn’t want to do anything on FaceBook so I decided to share my joy with my friends who read the blog: I know they will understand. I know there are people out there who would give anything to have 9 grandchildren; I know because they have told me. I know there are many out there who wish they had a Father to be with today and I am one of them. I know there are many who would like to have four children that live near and are more than good to their parents. But I think my blog readers will understand; I am very thankful but I have experienced just enough sorrow in my lifetime to know not to be proud. On the other hand, I want no one to think that I am not thankful and proud of my children and grandchildren. I claim them all and I love them all. They sometimes accuse me of showing favoritism but I tell them, “My favorite is the one who needs me most at the time.”

I do want everyone to understand, what you see above is a picture of GRACE pure and simple. Had God gave me what I deserved: He would have beat me to death when I was a smart a__ teenager. Thank God, He doesn’t give us what we deserve.

As pertaining to the paraphrase above: June and I were discussing this on the way home today. Let me share a parable with you that I wish everyone could read and understand.

A certain man married at a youthful age and had several children. He wanted to be a father but his goals were very confused. Somehow, he thought that making money determined one’s success, so he made it his life’s goal to make money, lots of money. As the Roy Orbison’s song says, “He wanted a big house and fine car and then he would be up town {success}.” This young man was so determined to become wealthy that he was willing to sacrifice anything and everything to reach his goal. Blinded by avarice and greed, he pursued his goal relentlessly. He worked night and day but in the process he lost his family. Eventually, the curse of greed overcame him because all he had was his money which he could not carry with him to the next world.

A lot of people would and have dubbed me a failure because I haven’t made a lot of money; I don’t own a big house [matter of fact, I don’t own a house period], I can’t even afford things I have coveted my entire life but none of this matters to me anymore. Today, I felt like the richest man in the universe. I kid you not. I can almost promise you that Bill Gates and Ted Turner or paupers compared to me. I do not envy any rich man: I have no reason to do so. There are probably some who think I do, but that is because they don’t have a clue. They think like the man in the parable.

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