Fear the LORD your God, serve him only and take your oaths in his name.

~Deuteronomy 6:13, NIV


People can only choose one of two ways to live and one of two masters to serve.

~William Franklin Graham

Have you ever noticed all the emphasis in the bible on God freeing us from bondage so that we can serve HIM. Israel was in bondage in Egypt and God sent Moses to liberate His people so that they could become His servants. Moses then instructed them in the wilderness, “Fear the LORD your God and serve Him only.” It is always God’s will that we be free to serve Him. I am currently reading through the Minor Prophets in the CEV and I came across this verse in Nahum chapter one where God said through Nahum to Judah, “I will snap your chains and set you free from the Assyrians.” The Assyrians were vile people and hated by the world. They were a nation of thieves and murderers: they destroys towns and villages, tortured and killed all the inhabitants and took all their belongings. Assyrian’s GNP was dependent on how much they could steal. Their economy was not based on work or productivity but on military might and plundering other nations. They were feared and hated but for two centuries, no one could stop them.

The LORD said, “I am going to snap the chains that bind you: I am going to set you free from the Assyrians.” The reality is: we are going to serve someone. Someone or something is going to be our MASTER and Jesus reminded us that we cannot have two. Remember what Jesus said to Satan in the wilderness, “It is written, you must worship the LORD your God and serve only Him.” Most folks think that they are serving themselves when in truth they are in bondage to something greater. If you read through the Psalms, especially the ones written by David, you will hear him speak often of his enemies. There is no question: David had a lot of enemies but so do we and lately I have been thinking a lot about my enemies. Remember, God does not want us serving the enemy.

One of my enemies is PRIDE. Perhaps you are thinking and rightfully so, “How could you be proud? You don’t have wealth; you don’t have fame and your old and fat.” Trust me, I understand but pride is still a problem. I guess a part of pride is VANITY. I’m not sure if they are two separate entities or one big problem. You would be shocked at how vain I really am: sometimes is shocks me. For me, it doesn’t get easier because LUST is probably next on the list and then there is SELF-CONTROL or lack thereof. You passives can spare me your condescending judgment, you don’t have self-control, you are just indifferent. It is easy to remain quiet when you don’t give a rip. I will not say that GREED is not a problem but it is the easiest to attack. All you have to do to curb greed is to give generously and often. If you know an easy out for the others, please give me a call.

The point is: God does not want us to be controlled by these enemies that reside in our flesh. He wants to break the chains and set us free so we can serve HIM and HIM only. Slavery is not a bad thing if you have the right MASTER. I am a bond slave of Christ. I voluntarily submit myself to HIM. I fear God and I want to serve HIM only; may His amazing grace enable me to do so.

Praise the LORD we got two projected completed, one I have dreaded for awhile. Beautiful day and I enjoyed it.

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