Give Us A King


When they said, “Give us a king to judge us,” Samuel considered their demand wrong, so he prayed to the Lord.

~ 1 Samuel 8:6 (CSB)


Success is getting what you want: Happiness is wanting what you have.

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Samuels sons were almost as sorry at Eli’s, they were dishonest, they took bribes and perverted justice. These are not good qualities for a judge. Samuel intended to replace himself with his sons but the Elders of Israel came to him at his home in Ramah. They said to Samuel, “Look, you are old and your sons do not walk in your ways, therefore appoint a king over us to judge us the same as all the other nations.” Samuel took this as a personal rejection but the LORD said, “They are not rejecting you: they are rejecting me which they have done since day one.” He told Samuel to give them what they wanted but to explain to them, the negative aspects of having a king. Samuel told them that a king meant taxes not tithes. Tithes are voluntary but taxes are manditory. He also warned them that a king would mean a draft and a standing army but they were not deterred: they wanted a king. Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? You wanted this certain thing so bad, you were actually afraid to pray about it. Older, wiser people gave you counsel and you ignored them. You became obsessed with the desire to have what you wanted. I bought my first car at age 19; I was finishing my second year a Calhoun. I gave $700 for it but it was worth much less. It was an Austin Healey Sprite, a tiny two seater with a rag top. When daddy found out I was looking at the car, he pulled me aside and said, “Son, I know you need a car but you don’t need this car. The car is wore out and that’s why he is selling it. You will have a hard time finding parts or anyone who will work on it when it breaks down and it will break down.” I ignored everything he said. At that time I thought I knew more about cars and people than he did but guess what? The man turned out to be a prophet. First of all, when I got to the man’s house to get the car, he upped the price $100: you got it, he took advantage of a stupid kid. My brother loaned me the extra hundred and I went back and got the car. So help me Hannah, the first Sunday night after buying the car, I leave church with a couple of friends and head to town. The car quits before I can crest the first hill. I had to pull over in a man’s yard. The seller, who went to church with us, slowed down and hollowed, “It’s the fuel pump, give it a peck.” Listen folks, it gets worse. I drove the car less than a year before I gave up and parked it. Everything daddy predicted happened. I got what I wanted but when I got what I wanted, I didn’t want what I had.

I would like to say that this one experience cured me but it didn’t. I’ve been burned several times since because I let my desire to get over rule my better judgment. I am learning to pray sincerely about such matters. I have come to the conclusion that I want what God wants for me. Since He has never failed me in the past and I have constantly made bad and foolish decisions, I figure His way is best. Israel wanted a king and God gave them one. Saul was a big man with a little heart. He was lacking in courage and conviction. The Elders were hoping that Saul would fight their battles but David and Jonathan had to fight Saul’s battles because he was plagued by fear. He never subdued Israel’s enemies because he lacked the courage to fight. His deep insecurity made him a horrible leader. So be careful what you asks for!

  • June and I saw something last night that we didn’t know if we would ever see again, gas is 1.99 at the Wavaho at Lacey’s Spring. It is 2.07 in Danville and 2.09 in Hartselle. All three of these places are on Highway 36. It is 2.19 at Priceville, one exit away.
  • In loving memory: Dewitt Crowe November 26 at the age of 81. Dewitt had been sick for the last few weeks and had a heart attack at Morgan County Hospital. His Celebration of Life Service is today at Pecks {11:00 a.m.} with burial at New Friendship Baptist Church. Dewitt pastored the Union Hill Baptist church is Ardmore, TN;  Hopewell, Walden’s Chapel, Valhermosp Springs and Southwest–all here in Morgan county. Dewitt was a bi-vocational pastor for most of his time in the ministry. He worked at Copeland Corp for many years. He was an avid visitor. No one attended more funerals or visited more funeral homes than Dewitt. He and his sweet wife Libby went on a cruise with June and I. We had the time of our life. Dewitt loved Jesus, preaching, gospel music and his family. I think he is going to hear a WELL DONE THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT.
  • Don Widner’s nephew, Terry Wade Francis, passed away November 24 while undergoing surgery. Terry was 59 years old. His service is today at 2:00 at Daniels Chapel in Eva.

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