God Hates Sin Period



There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him.

~Proverbs 6:16


No Christian will become free of sin in this life, but we can free from its bondage.

~T.W. Hunt

We all know that God hates sin but does He hate some sins more than others; scripture seems to indicate that he does. Matter of fact, Solomon gives us a list of seven things that God hates and first on the list is PRIDE. Bertha Smith believed God hated two sins worse than all others: [1] the perversion of worship with is idolatry and the [2] perversion of sex which leads to many things. Peter Marshall, Jr. said, “God abhors abortion and homosexuality and that these two sins would destroy America. Both stem from the perversion of sex. The question remains: are there any sins that God does not hate? The answer is no, God hates sin period.

This leads to a second question: why are some sins hated more than others? Obviously, since God and God alone is holy, all sin is against Him. This would be the spiritual aspect of sin but sin is also social. When we look at sin from the social point of view, some are much worse than others. I have no doubt that alcohol is worse than tobacco. All you have to do is look at the statistics. Every 51 minutes someone gets killed in a car due to alcohol. At least one out of three automobile accidents is directly related to alcohol. I say at least because I have known for a fact that alcohol was involved is some accidents but it was never reported as alcohol related. The liquor and advertising industry do not want the bad PR. You should never expect local media outlets to tell the truth about alcohol–they want those advertising dollars.

Jesus talked about the spiritual aspect of sin and how it relates to the social: Jesus said, “If you lust for another man’s wife, you have committed adultery in your heart.” From the spiritual point of view, we are guilty even when we do not commit the act itself. But if you actually sleep with another mans wife; you have more than a spiritual problem. This is what Solomon addresses in the latter part of chapter 6. Solomon says, “Spend some money and get yourself a prostitute because it is cheaper in the long run.” A prostitute wants money, not a commitment and she doesn’t have a jealous husband who is going to look you up and bring his AK-47 with him. Solomon said, “A man who commits adultery [has sex with another man’s wife] is stupid” [Proverbs 6:32, JEV]. Women, other than those who make their living in the bed room or a back room, view sex as a commitment and this is going to lead to a multitude of problems that we don’t have time to get into. Take my word for it, physical adultery is worse than lust from the social point of view. The same can be said of murder and anger. I had much rather a person get angry with me as to kill me. I am sure you are in agreement. Both anger and murder are sins but murder has a greater social implication.

I went with Seth to see Samson yesterday. I didn’t get to see the entire movie but what I say was clean. The events in Samson’s life are played out but they have changed the narrative. They have also created characters that are not mentioned in the bible. I don’t think it is like the Noah film, but it doesn’t follow the biblical narrative. They have Samson’s first wife thrown from the top of the city wall but the bible says that they burned their house down with the family inside. The Philistine women are victimized according to the film: they loved Samson and were not intend on his destruction. They were forced to betray him for fear of their own lives. Could be some truth to this but the moral of story is that Samson had no business dating Philistine women. When you play with fire, you get burned. I didn’t see anything bad in the movie and see no reason for you not to go if you are interested. I can tell you this: it will not be the greatest movie you’ve ever seen but it ranks much higher than most.

One PRAISE: Bro. Ronald Manley’s son Jamie got to come home Friday night. I also think Larry is making slow improvement.

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