God Way Is Perfect


As for God, His way is perfect: The LORD’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him.

~Psalms 18:30, NIV


Jesus Christ is not valued at all until He is valued above all.


In Psalm 18:6, David said, “In my distress, I cried to the LORD.” The Hebrew word distress means to be in a jam or a tight place. David is referring to his ten years of exile when he is constantly fleeing the wrath of Saul. Psalm 18 is a celebration of David coronation as king, the exile is over. David is beginning to understand why the LORD allowed him to struggle during the years of exile. David could see how God had used this difficult time to hone him and to shape him for kingship. It is amazing how God uses the difficult time to shape us and get us ready for future ministry. Joseph spent 13 years in slavery and prison before he was promoted to prime minister of Egypt. Moses spent 40 years in training. God had him herding sheep in the wilderness but during those days Moses learned how to survive in such terrain. He leaned all the camping spots and water holes. Without such training it is not likely that he could have lead the Israelites through this place.

In the years of exile, David learned humility and compassion. He also learned how to be sensitive to God’s Spirit and follow His lead. These are the qualities that made him a good king. When I came out of Seminary at the tender age of 24 I expected nothing but success. It is a good thing I did not know what was ahead, I may have thrown in the towel. In my first full-time church after Seminary, I got caught in a turf war and when the dust settled, I got the blame. It started before I got there: I just happened in at the wrong time. I stayed in distress for over 4 years before resigning. I was in a maze and did not understand what God was doing. Matter of fact, I did not understand until years later. Coming out of Seminary, I was too proud and I thought I was a good person. In this crucible of affliction, God showed me my depravity and He began teaching me about grace. We do not enjoy difficult times but our trials are teachers and we learn and grow spiritually during these times. Looking back, I can say with David, “God’s way is perfect,” and He is worthy of our praise.

  • Marla Marshall did get to come home: I talked to Dale yesterday.
  • Well, football season is over for me and wow, did it go by in a hurry. From Labor Day to the New Years is a blur.
  • I don’t think I will ever learn: I told someone other day that the flu shot kept me from getting a cold last year and within 24 hours, I had the sniffles. Now I am coughing too. Pride goes before a fall or in this case, before a cold.
  • Number 13 is not ashamed of Jesus: he praised his LORD and Savior Jesus Christ twice last night.

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