God’s Word Enriches


With all my heart I want Your blessings.

~Psalm 119:58


Making a living is not the same as making a life.

~David Compton

The Eight stanza is Heth and it begins with “the LORD is my portion.” You could say, “the LORD is my inheritance or treasure.” The Psalmist understood that we cannot know the LORD intimately apart from His word. If you want to enrich your life, get into a daily study of God’s word. God’s word contains every need we have. This week, I am feeling a need for courage, peace, grace and wisdom–all of these things are found in the word of God. With all my heart, I want God’s blessings. I would like to please others but my main concern is pleasing the LORD. I do desire the blessings others can bestow but more than anything, I want the LORD’s blessings.

June and I have been watching the T.V. series [on LAW AND ORDER] the Menendez Brothers. After the first episode, I thought Lyle was a pathological murderer and that Erik was messed up in the head. As it turns out, both were sexually abused by their father. I could hardly watch episode 5 because I have a horror of this kind of abuse. I was thinking last night, this father deserved to die. These boys did the world a favor by killing the scum bag. He abused them both: Lyle, the oldest, until he was nine and then it began abusing Erik. They lived in a constant state of fear and terror. Their father repeatedly told them that he would kill them if they told anyone what was going on. Can you imagine the psychological damage this would do to a child’s mind? I get angry just thinking about it. ¬†Their mother knew about the abuse but did nothing.¬†These boys had no one to turn to and the sadly they desperately wanted to please their father. I think this is in all children. I wanted to please my father. The problem with pleasing our earthly fathers is that some are not worthy of of the effort. Jose Menendez was a monster, a predator and he did not deserve his sons respect and I wish they could have been unconcerned about pleasing this sadistic pedophile. I wish they had understood the truth, “It is our heavenly Father that we want to please first and foremost.” If we please Him and have His blessings, that is more than enough to satisfy and fulfill us. We don’t need the approval of this world; what they think doesn’t matter.

We probably do not know the truth, even after watching the depiction on TV but the interview with Lyle below doesn’t sound like one with a murderer. The boys have been in prison for years and neither has shown an inclination to violence. If you are interested: here is a short video of Lyle being interviewed.


  • There are two people we need to pray for everyday: our pastor and our president.
  • Our Rocky Ford Block Party is only two days away: pray for good weather, people to come and for me to present the gospel clearly.
  • Stew next Wednesday night October 25.
  • Good prayer meeting last night. I love prayer meetings but evidently, I am in a minority.
  • Next GOLDEN GIRLS is November 11 at our house.

REVIVAL…November 5-8 with Wade Morris

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