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 “So those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be last.”

~Matthew 20:16, NLT


The proud are blind to their shortcomings while the humble fail to see their strengths.

~Calvin Miller

Jesus made the statement above after telling the story of the vineyard. The owner of the vineyard hired people to work all through the day but at the end of the day, he paid them all the same. Those who worked one hour got paid as much as those who worked twelve. Those who had worked all day got upset when the owner paid everyone the same. Legally, the vineyard owner had done nothing wrong. He did not lie to them. He contracted to pay them a day’s wage and they agreed to it. From the workers perspective, the owner was being unfair but technically he was just being generous. He was paying folks for a full day who did did not deserve a full days pay. There is no law that says a man cannot pay a worker for more than he deserves. The disciples served Jesus for three years; the thief on the cross three hours but both got heaven. Do you think the disciples are protesting the unfairness of the thief going to heaven without working or doing his share? No, no, no, the poor thief died right but he didn’t live right. The disciples had the wonderful privilege of working with Jesus, spending time with Jesus and getting to know Him initmately. If the workers that were hired in the early morning had spent the day not only working but getting to know the owner, they may have felt differently. The greater point is that legalist do not understand grace and do not enjoy fellowship with their Savior.

Miller makes a statement that I want to quote. Both the arrogant and the humble suffer from poor vision. It is those who believe they could not possibly be first who are and those who believe they are first will be last. The humble see no way that they are first and the proud see no way that they are last. There is the haughty blindness of the proud which causes them to be totally unaware of their sins and shortcomings and there is a beautiful blindness on the part of the humble which causes them to be unaware of their goodness. The proud rarely see their sin; the humble rarely sin the sins of others because they are conscience of their own wretchedness. Both are likely to be surprised in Judgment. {Until He Comes, day 210}

I know beyond any doubt that I am not first. I am not, nor am I close to being the best witness for Christ: not in history, not in my own generation and not in my own community. My problem, and it is an age old problem, I don’t want to be last. In other words, I need more humility. A lot more humility.


I love good Christian fellowship and God has blessed me with great Christian friends. Kevin Beal texted me this morning: he has another book for me to read. Made my day. Kevin recommended Henry Scrougal, A Scottish professor and preacher who was promoted at age 28. His book is unbelievable. Just want all my friends to know that I appreciate you and to remind you that some are going through a rough time {not referring to myself}. I am not going to call names but remember your friends who are hurting.

Yesterday was nice. I hauled a load of Hickory to the Childers boys at around 6:00 and it was pleasant. Squeak does not have AC so I road with the window down and it felt great. It is hard to believe that August is here and football is around the corner.  There was a time when that would excite me but this year I had just as soon Jesus come back and get us. Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

P.S. Catfish sent me a text Sunday night. I had said their were two hits on the Sunday night sermon and he said it was 128. I reckon I looked at the wrong number. My apology but it is still good for my humility.

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