He Restores My Soul


The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul…
~Psalm 23:1-3, NASB


Like a watch, the human soul can run down. We lose our enthusiasm, we are less willing to attempt the difficult. We prefer comfort over a challenge. We are crusaders no longer.
~Charles Allen

The human soul, the mind, the enter man can get tired and weary just like the body. Sometimes are minds are over laden with real concerns. Then there are times when the soul gets wounded. We are soldiers in Christ army; it is only reasonable for some of us to suffer wounds now and again. Grief is a wound, disappointment is a wound, and so is regret. Either directly or indirectly, sin is the cause of our wounds. Time helps with some things but time is not the answer. Time alone only makes sinners feel guilty: what we really need is the GREAT PHYSICIAN. Sometimes are fatigue is from the battle itself, we feel like a piece of citrus that has both juice and pulp squeezed out, our spirits are crushed. Malicious criticism can crush our spirits. As Chuck Swindoll says, “We feel the thrill of no new enthusiasm; we have no compelling reason to get out of bed each morning.” As Dr. Rogers said so often, “Life can boil down to drawing a breath and a check–existing, but not living.”

David was a shepherd before he was a king and he knew sheep. All sheep get cast down from time to time. They get on their backs and cannot get up. That’s why the shepherds staff has a crook, it is to lift the down cast sheep up, to get them on their feet. Everyone gets down but we don’t have to stay down, the LORD Jesus is our Shepherd and He will restore us. He has the power to revive life in us.

Speaking of RESTORING, we have a restorer in our church family. His name is David Orr. He is working on an old car right now. He has told me the make and model more than once but for the life of me I cannot remember at this moment. When he gets this car restored, it will be better, much better than it was originally. I kid you not! I think it is a 1936 Chevy, not sure about that but I am sure that they had no A/C in the 1936 models. This car will have a stereo system with disc player, power windows and seats just to mention a few of the extras. Now, do you want the original or would you rather ride in David’s restoration with A/C and XM-Radio?

David is very good at what he does. Trust me, he is a perfectionist. But the LORD Jesus is more than a perfectionist, He is perfect and as good as David is at restoring cars, Jesus is infinitely better at restoring souls. If that thought doesn’t crank your tractor, your battery is dead.

It’s late and I don’t have any extra: sorry. 

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