Jesus told her, “First I should feed the children—my own family, the Jews. It isn’t right to take food from the children and throw it to the dogs.”

~Mark 7:27, NLT


Life itself is ironic. It takes sorrow to know joy; pain to be grateful for pleasure; noise to appreciate silence and loneliness to value relationships.

~Image Quotes with a mixture of Ya’akov

Heinrich Harrer was an Austrian soldier who became a member of the German army when Hitler took over Austria. Like many young Austrians, he believed Hitler hatred for communism was a valid cause to fight for and he eventually became a member of the SS, Hitler’s Secret Service. This was a decision that he later regretted. He was an Olympian at skiing but mountain climbing was his greatest passion. He was on a mountain climbing expedition in Pakistan with three other climbers. They were attempting to climb the Nanga Parbat {naked mountain} which is the ninth highest mountain in the world {26,660 feet}. WWII broke out while he was there and his team was arrested by British soldiers and put in a detention camp. Harrer was not there for military purposes but because they were Germans, they were detained but not help under heavy guard. Escape was fairly easy and so Harrer and six others escaped. Harrer took a mountain climbing route over the Himalayas. He then spent 7 years in Tibet and became a personal friend to the 14th Dalai Lama who was a child at the time. Harrer was a brilliant man, a master builder and virtual walking encyclopedia.  He endeared himself to the Tibetans.

Then one of the Jewish watch dog groups identified Harrer in a photo with Adolf Hitler. They initiated a smear campaign to impugn Harrer’s good name. Because he had been a member of Hitler’s SS, they labeled him a racist. No one loves to throw that word around more than the Jews. Ironically, no ethnic group in the world has a worse record when it comes to racism. Jesus loved people; especially the down and out. The woman who approached Jesus while He was in Tyre was Syro-Phoenician. It seems that Jesus called her a dog but Jesus was speaking tongue in cheek, it was a bit of satire which Jesus used often, especially with the Pharisees. Jesus was actually teaching His disciples a lesson. He was not seriously calling this woman a dog, He was speaking satirically about the Jews and their racial hatred. An orthodox Jew would have called her a dog. Actually, they had more use for a dog than a Gentile.

Let me put it into perspective: a few months ago, someone hit a dog in front of our house. I didn’t see it until a woman stopped and told me about it. I went to the road to drag the dog to safety but when I got there I realized the poor creature’s injury was going to be fatal. I dragged it to the ditch and then went inside and got June’s 38. I did what I knew had to be done but it was no pleasure. What if that had been a person? What if it had been a black person, a Jew, a Hispanic, a Muslim, a liberal or even a Yankee? I can tell you without a moments hesitation, I would not have shot any of the above in the head. Why? Because they are all humans created in the image of God. The Jews were so filled with racial prejudice and hatred, they would not have helped a Gentile in any way. Not only did they refuse to give aid and comfort to Gentiles and Samaritans, they applauded their demise. They did cheer the death of Jesus. Jews don’t need to accuse anyone of being racist.

  • I love the weather. I can handle this 70 degree stuff.
  • The interment of Irone Jacobs, The Clark Boys {Kevin and Josh} grandmother, will be today in Ozark, Alabama. Their granddad Earl and their mom were with us Sunday morning. We had a lot of visitors Sunday morning.
  • We are doing the same schedule this Sunday that we did last…one service at 10:15.
  • Ty and Josie gave me a ticket to the Alabama game on Saturday. Joe David, Ty and I will be going to Atlanta {LORD willing}. I have never been to the Georgia Dome and they are about to tear it down. I hope we don’t have a long ride home. I don’t know who is more excited, me or Ty.
  • Hannah is having Surgery this morning.

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