Helper Of The Helpless


The cords of death entangled me, the anguish of the grave came over me; I was overcome by distress and sorrow.

~Psalm 116:3, NIV


God’s Grace is greater than our weakness.

~J.C. Ryle

We never know what a day is going to bring. I was awakened yesterday morning with the news that the ambulance was at Larry’s and they were taking him to Huntsville. Although I saw him walk to the ambulance, I had a sinking feeling. When I got back to my study, I opened Psalm 16 and verse three leaped from the pages into my soul. At that moment, I was feeling anguish and distress. I was in a state of ambivalence: on one side there was doubt and anxiety–on the other there was a weak and shaky faith. I tried to read and mediate but I kept coming back to the LORD in prayer. I could not find rest for my soul; my mind was disturbed. Sad to say, I questioned the LORD timing and I guess even His wisdom. I was upset and struggled to make a decision about anything. I came across the word ambivalence in Dr. Wiersbe’s commentary and I was not certain of its meaning so I looked it up: it is a state of uncertainty in which we have conflicting desires; a state of fluctuation, the inability to make a firm choice.

Yesterday evening, I reached a point where I had to do something so I got in the car and went to Huntsville. I had no idea if I would get to see Larry or not but I actually got to spend an hour with him before they put him in his room. He was sitting on the end of his bed and feeling good. By the time I left he was drinking water and they were about to hook him up to IV’s. Larry had gotten dehydrated. I was exhausted from worry and by the time I got home, I had to go to bed and rest just to make it to church. Now I realize that I over reacted: seeing and talking to Larry helped settle me down. Have you ever gotten upset with the LORD and said things that you later regretted. Dr. Wiersbe made a comment that encouraged me: In the midst of anguish and distress, we often say things we really don’t mean, but the LORD sees our hearts and He knows that we don’t understand what is going on.

Ben Franklin said, “God helps those who help themselves.” Ben was pro-active and I find no fault in his thinking but scripture teaches us that God helps the helpless. There are times when we can’t help ourselves or others. Jesus said, “Without Me, you can do nothing.” One thing is certain, we can find ourselves in a set of circumstances that make us feel helpless. What do we do in those situations, the same thing the Psalmist did, “We cry out for mercy.” {Ps.116:1]

  • Another busy day planned which makes four in a row. June and I are going to Birmingham today. We are going to visit Wendy’s dad and my first pastor who lives in Trussville. We are also running by SAMS in Trussville to pick up some things for the church. Then I have to run to Decatur and pick up my Block Party sign.
  • I think Larry will get to come home today.
  • GOLDEN GIRLS Saturday morning. I can’t believe this is our 10th meeting this year with only two more to go. Unbelievable!
  • Guatemala Team leaves Monday bright and early. Lord willing, I will preach Sunday Night.

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