Hope For The Hopeless


“For I know the plans I have for you” ​— ​this is the LORD’s declaration ​— ​“plans for your well-being, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

~Jeremiah 29:11 {CSB}


Everyone needs something to look forward to–We call this HOPE!


Your present circumstance may be less than ideal but I am sure you would not want to trade places with Jeremiah. Morally, Judah had reached an all time low. They had turned their backed to Yahweh and we living life according to their own dictates. They were into Baal worship which was a fertility cult, something similar to modern day sex clubs. They were sacrificing their babies to Molech, something so abhorrent that the LORD Himself had never imagined such a thing. Their prophets and priest were secularist, each seeking their own personal interest. The leaders for the most part were evil and corrupt. The situation was so hopeless that God told Jeremiah, “Don’t waste your time praying for these people because I am not going to listen.” To make bad matter worse, the Babylonians were invading the land and they would eventually ransack Jerusalem and burn it to the ground.  Meanwhile, wicked Zedekiah has put Jeremiah in prison for telling the truth. This introduces today’s story.

Jeremiah’s cousin, Hanamel, visited him in prison. He has brought the deed to the family farm. He had heard his cousin preach on HOPE and so he decides to put Jeremiah to the test. Understand, the Chaldeans are already on the land. They have the farm occupied which is why Hanamel wants to unload it. Technically, it is not worth a dime because it is no longer under the control of the Jewish courts but Jeremiah buys the property as a gesture of faith. The LORD actually instructed Jeremiah to purchase the farm {32:25} as a witness and a testimony that Israel, in spite of the horrible circumstances, had a future and a hope. Jeremiah 32 is about HOPE in the midst of despair. The LORD said to Jeremiah, “I am the LORD {Yahweh} over all creation. Is anything too difficult for Me?” At a time when there was no hope, Jeremiah had hope. He was following the example of his ancestor Abraham who hoped when there was no hope. Abraham had no hope in the flesh but he never lost hope in God. Folks, HOPE is vital. It is not an extra, it is an essential. Your car does not have to have cruise control to run but it does have to have an engine. Folks, we must have hope no matter how bleak the circumstances.

My cousin Karen got very sick. She was on life support for weeks. She was on dialysis for months. Just two months ago she was in rehab and things did not look good. When I visited with her, I could see the despair in her eyes, the fear that she would never get better. When I visited with her Sunday, a week ago, she was in the kitchen frying chicken. What a miracle and Jesus gets all the glory. Today, as I was praying for the sick and especially my cousin Phyllis who is battling cancer and is in ICU at HH, Jeremiah 32 came to mind. As followers of Jesus, we always have hope no matter what the circumstances. Phyllis is a strong believer and I assure you she has HOPE. Hope is important for all of us; not just for those whose backs are against the wall. I am sitting in my study under the A/C. I worked in the heat Monday and it can drain your energy and keep you awake at night with cramps but I have hope. This is probably the last heat wave of the summer and fall is coming. Everyone needs something to look forward to–it is called HOPE.


  • Willard’s mom Jackie is much better. She got moved to a regular room. Madison Widner was told yesterday that she will be in the hospital at least one more week. For those who partnered with Central on the Mission Trips; one of our old buddies Neal Deason is in DGH. He had color surgery. Please pray for cousin Phyllis.
  • I don’t like the new Dr. Pepper commercials: I want Larry Culpepper back: if you agree, please call 1-800-696-5891. Dr. Pepper did Larry dirty and he probably has grand kids to support. What is wrong with Corporate America? I think they are all wearing skirts.  If anyone has a NIKI bonfire, let me know. I got some stuff to burn.

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