I Can Only Imagine



Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom.

~Luke 12:32, GNT


I will place no value on anything that is unrelated to the Kingdom of God.

~David Livingstone


BJ and CPeggy’s granddaughter Lindsey spent two weeks in Iceland this past month. When Peggy told me about her trip, my curiosity was stirred and I went home and googles Iceland, then hit images and up came some beautiful slides of this gorgeous land. We have the Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon but that have that and much more. Then I accidentally came across a top 15 list yesterday. The top 15 places to go if you travel alone and Reykjavik, Iceland is first on the list. Ireland and New Zealand were also in the Top Ten. There were two places that I have seen in the top 15: Alaska was number 15 and Vancouver was 12 or so. I’ll probably never see Iceland or New Zealand or the Emerald Isle but it’s not that important. My Father is giving me a Kingdom that will top all of these earthly sights. In time, I will see greater things than these breath takings sights on earth.


  • No Baptism Sunday. They rescheduled for September 4.
  • AWANA kick off Sunday evening 5:00-7:00
  • Joe David and family are traveling, pray for their safe return.
  • Hartselle got a flood yesterday and the storm knocked our power out. As the Chloe Bug says, “The tricity went off.” She told Big Mama, “Go tell Granddaddy to fix the tricity.” Big Mama said, “He can fix it.” It was off for over two hours the first time, then went off three more times.
Sko'gafoss Falls, Iceland
Sko’gafoss Falls, Iceland

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