Ignorance Is Bliss


The more you know, the more you hurt; the more you understand, the more you suffer.

~Ecclesiastes 1:18, CEV


If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t more people like the democrats happy?

~Thomas Jefferson

I lack the intelligence to argue with Jefferson but I must confess, I do believe ignorance can be bliss. By the way, the italics is an editorial addition. The happiest people in the world are the simpletons, those not gifted with great intelligence. Little children are happy most of the time; especially if they are being nurtured by a loving family. Chloe’s biggest problem is conning someone into taking her to Target so she can get another LOL; she only has 150. I can faintly remember being a child and I remember the rough and rocky transition from childhood to adolescence. Perry Como sang a heart moving Christmas song entitled TOYLAND, beautiful girl and boy land…once you leave it’s borders, you can never return again. I heard Adrian Rogers say once that life makes more sense to be lived in reverse. First, we get the nursing home thing over with, then retirement, then work, then youth and college, then childhood and innocence, then little babies who are not aware of any problems. I despise it when older kids try to destroy the fantasies of the younger ones, and there is one on every bus and block. I have no desire to be a gossip. I don’t want to know about other people’s personal problems. I do good to manage my own. The less I know the happier I am. My motto is, “I don’t want to hear it.”

John Tanner Senior use to get on to me for not watching the news on TV. I told him it wasn’t necessary, if anything happened that I really needed to know about, he was relay the information to me. There was no need in both of us to get depressed. I don’t want to know the scuttle-but; I want to know as little as possible. The left claims that Friedrich Nietzsche was an atheist but I’m not so sure. He has a lot of good quotes. He said, “People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” I think he is right. I know he is right about me. I guess where he and I disagree most is in the source of truth: I think it is found in the word of God and he searched for it in logic and science. I do not deny there is some truth in logic and science but the truth of the bible is greater because it is the revelation of God’s mind and of course, He is TRUTH. I think perhaps the greatest illusion is that we can handle our problems on our own. We have that prideful spirit of independence, we don’t need God’s help or the help of anyone else. That my friends is an illusion. We all need help, especially from above. You will not offend me by praying for me: when someone tells me they are praying for me, I thank them.

I was coming home from Fort Payne last night, and between Scotsboro and Huntsville, I encountered a left-laner. He was in front of me on 35 but when we got on 72 I passed him. I think I offended him and here he came. I went back to the right lane which is what real drivers do when they are not passing. He pulled up on my left hip and sat there. I despise that so I put the pedal to the metal and here he came. I didn’t want a ticket so I slowed down where he could pass: so help me Hannah, he slowed down too. I had a choice to make, it was either road rage or take a chance on a ticket. I took the chance on the ticket. It took me a while to lose him but finally I succeeded. I wish they would give this left lane drivers tickets. I get to the Priceville exit and here comes a car in front of me but he doesn’t even bother to take the right lane. He went straight to the left–I thought, here we go again. Cullman tag and Auburn fan. I passed him before we got to the cemetery and when I turned on to 36 he was still in the left lane.

One other driving tip. Nav systems are good at times but leaving Fort Payne, mine nav tried to get me to take 75 from Rainsville to Abertville. My estimated TOA was 9:38. There are 25 red light between Abertivlle and Guntersville. I went a few miles further but it was all fourlane and I got home at 9:16 and I stopped for gas. The crazy nav tried to get me to take 79 in Scotsboro which I used going over but I don’t like two lane roads at night. It even tried to take me through Grant.

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