The blameless will be rescued from harm, but the crooked will be suddenly destroyed. 

~Proverbs 28:18, NLT


If we take care of our integrity, our integrity will take care of us.

~Max Anders

The word “blameless” in verse 18 means complete, whole, entire, or sound. It is a synonym for integrity. Actually you see it linked with integrity in Job 2:3, Then the LORD asked Satan, “Have you noticed my servant Job? He is the finest man in all the earth. He is blameless—a man of complete integrity. He fears God and stays away from evil. And he has maintained his integrity, even though you urged me to harm him without cause.” Job complained, he questioned, he wrestled with doubt but tohe never abandon his integrity. In my opinion, there is Jesus in a class all to himself and then there is Job, Daniel, Joseph. What makes Job such a outstading figure? It was his integrity. He was not perfect but he was blameless with means well turned, without cracks or gaps of vulnerability. Satan could find no way to get to him because Job had it all together and their were no open places for Satan to get in.

Chapter 28 of Proverbs is all about integrity…

  • Verse 1…The wicked flee when no one is chasing them [lack of moral courage]
  • Verse 2…Moral rot within a nation due to dishonest leaders
  • Verse 5…Evil men have no appreciation for justice
  • Verse 6…Better to be poor and honest as dishonest and rich
  • Verse 8…Exploitation of those who are helpless
  • Verse 9…God doesn’t hear the prayers of law breakers
  • Verse 13…The man who refuses to admit his mistakes
  • Verse 15…A wicked ruler is a threat
  • Verse 17…A murderer has a bad conscience
  • Verse 18…Cheaters will not succeed
  • Verse 20…The man who wants to do right
  • Verse 21…The sin of kissing up
  • Verse 23…Frankness rather than flattery
  • Verse 24…The person who defraud their parents
  • Verse 25…Greed

Every verse above is INTEGRITY related. Years ago, Douglas Aircraft was competing with Boeing to sell Eastern Airlines their first big jets. Former WWII ace, Eddie Rickenbacker was the president of Eastern Airlines. Rickenbacker told Donald Douglas that his claims were almost the same as Boeing with one exception–noise suppression. So Rickenbacker said, “Can you promise me a jet with better noise suppression?” As Douglas prepared to leave, he said, “No, I cannot make such a promise.” Rickenbacker smiled and replied, “I know you can’t. I just wanted to see if you would be honest.” Douglas got the 135 million dollar contract. Rickenbacker departing words were, “Go make those jets as quiet as possible.”

Cleveland Stroud was the coach of the Conyers Bulldogs. They won the Georgia State Championship in basketball but a short time later, Coach Stroud reported an infraction to the Georgia High School Athletic Association. He had played an ineligible player for 45 seconds in the first round of the State Playoffs. He had no idea that the kid was ineligible until after the finals. Although the player had no impact on the game, Coach Stroud reported the incident and was stripped of their championship. A lot of folks got upset with Coach Stroud. No one would have known had he not reported the violation but Coach Stroud knew and that was the problem. He decided to do the right thing. Now that’s integrity: doing the right thing when no one knows you did the wrong thing. Integrity is what you are in the dark.

Our moral courage comes from our integrity: no integrity, no courage. Integrity or the lack thereof will always be found out ultimately. In what ways can you improve your integrity?

A little cool but the sunshine is beautiful. I plan to spend a little time in the study and then get on the road. You are going to love the new sanctuary. Everything is better. We needed the new carpet: matter of fact it was at least 10 years over due. The lighting is what blows my mind. We’ve been using the wrong bulbs. These use less energy and produce more light. Our young leaders are doing a fantastic job and I hope everyone appreciates what they are doing: I do. Have a great day and enjoy this sunshine.

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