Intimacy With The Infinite


O LORD, you have examined my heart and know everything about me

~Psalm 39:1, NLT


The ONE who knows you best, loves you most.

~Warren W. Wiersbe

What can I say, Psalms 139 blows my mind. It absolutely amazes me. I read it and I am struck with awe, totally dumbfounded. When I try to wrap my tiny brain around an infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and perfect Spiritual Being, it overloads my intellectuals circuits. Scientist tells us that the star Betelgeuse has a diameter of 100 million miles which makes it larger than earth orbit around the sun. They also tell us it would take 500 billion years to journey to the perimeter of the universe traveling at the speed of light. We know that the Infinite One is greater than His creation, WOW! Why would a being with that kind of power take interest in our lives? According to scripture, He does take a keen interest in our lives. Not only did He create us or fashion us in our Mother’s womb, He takes notes on every thing we do. He eavesdrop on every thought. He knows every anxiety. Do you know anyone including your spouse who cares that much about you. I can’t remember the last time someone sat me down and said, “Jack, talk to me, I want to know all about you.” What about you? Has someone made an effort to really know you? Folks, my best friend is Jesus and for good reason. He knows me inside out and He cares about my problems, even my anxieties. He knows all about my sin and shame. He actually knows more about me than I do. He knows my heart and my motives. I can’t tell you the times that my own heart has betrayed me; I no longer trust it but I do trust Jesus. Matter of fact, Jesus cared so about me that He was willing to take my physical form and then become a sacrifice for my loathsome sins. Folks, that is a FRIEND. There may have been one or two people in the world that would have died for me [Parents] but none could take my sin. The Hebrew kinsman redeemer {mō·dah’ ga’al ,Boaz for example} had to be willing and able. You may have an earthly friend who is willing to die for you but are they able to take your sins with them. Jesus is both willing and able.

I’m all messed up folks. I am 68 years old and I still do foolish things. I’m not talking about dumb things, I am talking foolish, idiotic things. Sometimes I embarrass my family, friends and even myself. I dealing with sin that has plagued me for my entire life and I am tired of it all. I can’t think of a sin I want to keep but I keep thinking about sin. I can go to a doctor and tell him where I hurt but I am incapable of during surgery on myself to remove the sick tissue or organ. We can confess our sins but we have no power to remove them: this is something only the GREAT PHYSICIAN can do and it is by grace. Jesus is my hope, my only hope. Psalm 139 is a trip to the doctor, Doctor Jesus: “Examine me LORD Jesus, show me the condition of my heart. Run some test that reveal my anxieties. Show me anything that is hurtful to You or others that needs to be removed.” If are not ready to pray this for yourself, pray it for me. I have no illusions about reaching a state of perfection but I sure would like to see some improvement. If you really read this blog and didn’t glance over it, send me a bill.

I may blog on Psalm 139 for the rest of the week. The above is not commentary, it is a confession. There is a lot in the Psalm that needs sharing.
Matt Lauer was fired yesterday morning. I never watch Network TV but June was fan. He has been accused of sexual harassment and the Network fired him immediately. They don’t even know if he is guilty but they aren’t taking any chances. Folks, this stuff is getting out of hand. Payton Manning has been dealing with this stuff for years. A former female trainer at Tennessee keeps accusing him of sexual while she was in the men’s locker room. Any woman who goes into a men’s locker room ought to get harassed: it is no place for a woman. Of course, she waited for Payton to become a millionaire to fill suit. One accusation has brought on a media frenzy in the Judge Moore case. The media, libs and demos have labeled him a pedophile which is ridiculous. Listen folks, most of TV is pure propaganda: I don’t believe anything they say. I don’t know if Matt Lauer is guilty or not but to fire a man simply because he is accused is not right. It is a gross over reaction. I wish this country was as concerned about unborn babies as their are women crying wolf. By the way, even my wife despises female commentators trying to do football games. When June told me about Matt yesterday morning, I said, “This country is going nuts, the next thing you know that will accuse me and Felton of sexual harassment.” She said, “No, they will accuse you and Felton of being stupid.”

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