Isaiah Sixty-Twenty


Your sun will no longer set, and your moon will not fade; for the LORD will be your everlasting light, and the days of your sorrow will be over.

~Isaiah 60:20


“A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.”

~C.S. {Jack} Lewis

Isaiah 60 reminds me of Matthew 24 in that it is hard to know exactly what the writer or speaker is talking about. Matthew 24 gives details but these details are of three separate events: the second coming of Christ, the fall and destruction of Jerusalem and the end of time. In Isaiah 60, we have [1] Restoration of Israel, [2] the Millennium and [3] Heaven. Isaiah 60 is laced with wonderful promises:

  1. Nations will be drawn to Jerusalem and bring their wealth.
  2. Dispersed Israelites from all over the world will come home.
  3. Foreigners will rebuild the city of Jerusalem and kings will serve you.
  4. The city gates will be left open: no security problems.
  5. Those who have oppressed you will come and bow down to you.
  6. Instead of being hated and despised, you will be loved and honored.
  7. You will prosper: I will replace stone with iron, iron with bronze, bronze with silver and silver with gold.
  8. You will have peace and righteous will rule the day.
  9. Violence and crime will be unheard of.
  10. There will be no devastation or destruction in the land.
  11. The glorious light of the LORD will outshine the sun.
  12. Your days of sorrow will be over.
  13. All your people will be righteous.
  14. The meek will inherit the land.
  15. God will be glorified.

The last sentence of Isaiah 60 reads...I {the LORD} will accomplish it quickly in its time. Many of these things have been or are being fulfilled as we write. Nations are coming to Jerusalem. Jews are returning to Israel by the hundreds. Israels number one source of revenue in TOURISM. In other words, the wealth of nations is being brought to them. Why do people of all nations visit Jerusalem? There is only one answer and it is JESUS. Obviously many of these wonderful prophecies have not been fulfilled but will be; whether in the present, the millennium or heaven, I am not certain but they will be fulfilled. After reading and meditating on this chapter, I came up with four observations;

  1. JESUS IS THE KEY to everything. He is the KEY OF DAVID, the master key that unlocks all the doors.
  2. MAN MUST UNDERGO A TRANSFORMATION to live in this world that Isaiah describes.
  3. THIS HAS TO BE SOMETHING THAT GOD DOES by His awesome power. No man or group of men could ever pull this off.

  • I want offer up a sacrifice of THANKSGIVING: God is good!
  • We celebrated Lou’s 90 birthday last night but officially, she will be 90 tomorrow. Dian put out a spread. I love chicken salad. I love practically everything about a chicken other than the neck and back.
  • We had a celebration at both services yesterday: we had two come for Baptism at GP and Lou’s party at DBC. I like celebrations. Thank you David for doing the HAPPY SONG. Sue has found a song by Mercy Me that reminds her of me, this is her testimony….

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