Jeremiah: Man of Courage


“This man deserves the death sentence because he has prophesied against this city, as you have heard with your own ears.”

~Jeremiah 26:11 [CSB]


Fear is a reaction: Courage is a decision.

~Sir Winston Churchill

Many people refer to Jeremiah as the weeping prophet. He was a very passionate man who loved God and country but he never put his patriotism above his commitment to the LORD. Perhaps he was sensitive and there is no question that he cared deeply for his country but he was no cream puff: he was a man of great courage and I admire him. God put a message on Jeremiah’s heart; one that he knew the people would not appreciate but Jeremiah went to the Temple and delivered God’s message. It is never easy to deliver an unpopular message. Of all people, he was attacked by fellow prophets and priest. The very folks who should have given him support were calling for his death. “This man deserves death,” they said, “he has prophesied against the city and the temple and you have heard it with your own ears.” They were telling the truth in part: he did prophecy against the city and temple but he was simply relating the message God had given him. He also called them to repentance and told them that God would relent if they would repent. Another prophet preached basically the same message and he was executed and they would have executed Jeremiah had it not been for one man: Anikam, not Sky Walker. Anikam was a government official and he had just enough power to put Jeremiah in protective Custody. Praise God for men like Anikam, folks who have the courage to stick their neck out for a man of God.

I have had some Anikam’s in my ministry. People who stood with me when the odds were against me. Ironically, I shared a story at Grace Point yesterday about one such man who interceded for me. My stay at DBC would not have gone beyond seven years had it not been for this man. I was so naive when I entered the ministry: I thought my opposition would come from bootleggers and outlaws. You can imagine how shocked I was to discover that the opposition to God’s work comes mainly from within. These prophets and priest who were calling for Jeremiah’s head should have been his supporters. In all of this, there is something truly amazing–God uses these tares, these goats among the flock, these wolves in sheep clothing. It’s like Joseph and his sorry brothers: they intended to hurt Joseph because they hated him. They were malicious, jealous and hateful, but Joseph wasn’t bitter because God used it for Good. Is this not amazing!

  • I love holidays and I hope you have a great LABOR DAY. What a weekend so far. We had a good service at GP and I understand DBC had a great one too. I listened to part of the DBC service yesterday…Turn the MOOSE lose! When the Moose goes big time, remember I have a copyright on the logo.
  • I’ve been amazed about some other things here lately in regards to my hospital visitation. I’m not about to talk about them for fear of my own pride but it is definitely a God thing and I am amazed.
  • What about the SEC. Except for Tennessee, I think everyone won. Do we really need an NFL? No!
  • There is a new country song that has gone viral called “Take a Knee” by Neal McCoy
  • Some well meaning folks tried to shame me the other day for my position on John [not Wayne] McCain but when I saw the speakers at his memorial service, I knew I was not in error. This same infamous trio [Obama, Bush and Clinton] refused to attend Margaret Thatchers COLS because she was conservation and an ally to Reagan. For intelligent folks, what more needs to be side.

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