Jesus Changes Things And People


‘No man who has any flaws can come near. No man who is blind…disabled…scarred…twisted spine...hunchback…too short…imperfect eyesight…diseased…or whose sex glands are crushed can come.
~Leviticus 21:16-18, NIrV


God loves you unconditionally as you are not as you should be, because nobody is as they should be.
~Brennan Manning

This is not the first time I have blogged concerning this Levitical Law which sound very harsh. The law can be cold, unyielding and seemly cruel at times because it has no ability to show mercy. I could not have been a Levitical Priest, I don’t have 20/20 eyesight. Daniel could not have been a priest; he could not draw nigh because he was a eunuch. The truth is, if we got technical, no one could draw near because we are all flawed. Here is the good news: Jesus earned us the right to draw near by his flawless life and atoning death. Because of His precious blood, all believers can draw near bad eyes and all.

I love my LCBS class and we had a great discussion Sunday. I raised the question: does God have a sense of humor? John said, “He has to, He created us.” Sammy told the story of his friend who was driving to Huntsville on the I-565 speedway. He was singing praise songs and conversing with the LORD when out of nowhere a car cut him off and almost caused him to wreck. In a split second, he lost his temper and yelled at the motorist, “You stupid son of a biscuit eater, you almost killed me.” Then immediately he was struck with guilt. He felt so ashamed that he said, “LORD, I am sure you don’t want to hear anymore from me today but could we try again tomorrow.”

Then I imagined and expressed in words what could have happened in heaven. The LORD called a group of angels over and said, “Look at this guy, he is praising Me to the top of his lungs. He really thinks he has conquered road rage but someone is about to cut him off…I want you to watch this idiot, he is about to explode.” All the angels gather around the monitor and sure enough, it happens just like the LORD said and then there is a roar of laughter that shakes heaven. I told Sammy, “Your friend sound a lot like me. One difference, I would have said ‘You stupid idiot,’ or no worse that ‘Son of a biscuit eater.'”┬áSammy’s friend didn’t use the word biscuit.

Laughter is heaven is not far fetched: heaven is a happy place. It could be that we take ourselves too seriously. I’m almost sure my guardian angel has called his pals over several times to watch me make a fool out of myself.

Well the first day of SPRING was A-OK and we are supposed to have another one coming today: AINT GOD GOOD! I don’t know what I’m most excited about; the great weather or going to the TOP OF THE RIVER Sunday evening.

Big Mama gets her cast off today. Bill Harrison has a procedure in Vanderbilt this Thursday. Pray for Bill and Cassie.

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