Keeping The End In Sight


“It isn’t because this man sinned,” said Jesus. “It isn’t because his parents sinned. This happened so that God’s work could be shown in his life.

~John 9:3


Everyone profits when people are more important than profit.

~Source Unknown

For forty years, the blind man in John chapter 9 stumbled in the darkness. He had no clue as to why he lived in a world of darkness and neither did Jesus disciples. The Jewish religious leaders said it was due to his sin. They had a cut and dried approach–he was blind, therefore he was a sinner who deserved to be blind, end of story. Jesus did not agree: He said, “It isn’t because this man sinned and it isn’t because his parents sinned. This happened so that God’s work could be shown in his life.” In the end, the blind man was better off than the Pharisees. Jesus gave him his sight and he literally saw the light–most of the Jewish Religious leaders died in the dark. We base too many conclusions on the first chapter of the book. For everything to make sense, you have to read the entire book. In the end God gets glory and we get unimaginable grace. To make it through the tough times, we have to keep the end in sight. As C. S. Lewis says, “What lies before us is much better than anything that lies behind.” In the end, followers of Jesus win. Our future is brighter than we can imagine.

Pride goes before a fall, literally. I stepped on a 2X2 yesterday evening; it rolled under my foot like a piece of pipe and I hyper-extended my left knee. I can walk fine but I can’t bend it. There is no swelling and maybe it will be better tomorrow. It is what I get for popping off about being able to work. Hey, as aunt Pet Ledbetter use to say, “It could be worse.”

LORD willing, I will be going to Silas, Alabama today for Bro. Alvin Tucker’s Celebration of Life Service. Bro. Tucker was a very good preacher and what I call a country scholar. He was a man of the word. He knew the word and he knew how to rightly divide it. I have great respect for Alvin Tucker and I make the trip today to honor his memory. I still remember the sermon he preached at Danville in the early 80’s. He preached on election and what I remember most was his description of the sons of Jacob. It was both entertaining and enlightening.

GOLDEN GIRLS in the morning at CRACKER BARREL Country Store.

Remember: what we leave in our children is more important that what we leave to them.


Abba Father, grant our readers the wisdom and understanding that comes from the Spirit of Holiness. We want to know You better. We want to understand Your will for our lives clearly. Guide our thoughts and direct our steps. Make us a blessing to someone today. In Jesus name. Amen!

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