Lady Folly


Folly is an unruly womanshe is simple and knows nothing.

Proverbs 9:13, NIV


The wise learn from their mistakes. The foolish merely repeat them.

~Michael Novak

Solomon’s Lady Wisdom has an adversary, its Lady Folly. Both have houses at the intersection and both are calling out to those who pass. Wisdom is encouraging folks to take the right path but Lady Folly, invites them into her house of death. Temptation has been portrayed as an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. The angel tries to get us to think of others and to delay our own personal gratification by doing what is right. The devil is pulling in the opposite direction; coaching us to do as we please and get what we want now. Basically, temptation is a shortcut which promises us instant success, wealth and happiness. God never intended for Adam and Eve to live in ignorance but He did intend for them to wait on his timing. Eve jumped the gun. She listened to the devil and took the shortcut leading to immediate gratification. It was a huge mistake. There are some basic things that all should know:

  1. Sin always has consequences. There are not exceptions. The wages of sin is death for everyone. Every time we sin, something dies.
  2. The greater the sin, the greater the consequence.
  3. There is no such thing as absolute freedom. If you are free of the toothbrush; you will become a slave to cavities. If you are a slave to the toothbrush, you can be free of cavities.
  4. You must make a conscious decision of what you want in life and live accordingly. If you want a good name, emotional peace, a strong and happy family; then you must be a slave to sexual purity. If fun is more important than family and guilt does not bother you–then sleep around but be advised–it will destroy your family. What is more important to you: your sexual gratification or your children’s happiness? REMEMBER this: you cannot have both so decide now what is most important.

It has been a week and I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. I was so tired when I got home from Larry COLS that I had to take a shower just to get the energy to go to Arab for Ryder and Ty’s basketball game. For the second night this week, it has been midnight or after before I wrote the blog so keep that in mind. I am too exhausted to proof it. Larry service went well and I want to give the LORD thanks. I actually spent more time praying for the service than I did speaking and that is good thing. I’ll just say this: The LORD answered my prayer. A special commendation to Noah Hogan for his custodial work, Catfish for running the sound and Holly and team serving the meal. Joe David officiated the service and I thank him for letting me go last. It was very late when I did the blog last night and I did not mention that Joe and I got to visit Marla Long Marshall Thursday night. Marla has a precious and sweet spirit. Her attitude is amazing. It runs in the family: all three of Mrs. Edith’s children have a great attitude. I have made a commitment to pray for Marla everyday. Please don’t discount the value of prayer. It is now the most important thing we can do for Marla.

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