Whoever reviles {curses} his father or mother must be put to death.

~Exodus 21:17, REB


The only sin these days is to call sin a sin.

~Adrian Rogers

I was reading Exodus 21 in the Revised English Bible the other day and the thought dawned on me, if we were living under strict Mosaic Law, most of us wouldn’t make it until the age 21. Under Mosaic Law, one could be executed {usually by stoning} for worshipping idols, false prophecy, witchcraft, blasphemy, sabbath breaking and getting too close to the tabernacle or restricted areas for non-priest, foreigners and women. In the area of sexual misconduct; one could be executed for rape, adultery, incest, homosexuality, bestiality, and prostitution. In civil matters, you could be executed for murder or negligent homicide. You could also get the death penalty for striking a parent, cursing a parent or disobeying a parent repeatedly. You could be executed for perjury or contempt of court. I’m sure I left out a few but you get the point.

Using the Law of Moses as a standard, we are all criminals or law breakers, even Moses himself. There are no exceptions. David broke six of the ten commandments with one sin: He covets another man’s wife {#10}. Later he tried to cover it up which is bearing false witness {#9}. He did take the man’s wife which is stealing {#8} and he slept with her which is adultery {#7} and then to covered it up by having her husband killed {#6}. So there is no question that David deserved death according to the law of Moses and of course the same is true of myself. It makes you thankful for grace.

All are sinners: the Bible states this truth again and again. Even Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 7:20, “Not a single person on earth is always good and never sins. Romans 3:23 states clearly, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” The big question is–why don’t people recognize their sinful condition and their need for repentance? There are many who do not; in or out of church. How many repentant sinners have you bumped into lately? I rest my case.

Beautiful day yesterday: we enjoyed Big L’s baseball game. The weather was perfect. We finally beat Colbert Heights in something. They usually hammer us in everything. I went to the farm and got old White-Hugh-Gene. He cranked right up and I brought it home and plowed the garden. Hadn’t been cranked since I had covid. I don’t guess there will be any round up ready sweet corn this year: Jimmy was my supplier. It is over $100 per pound.

Teddy text me last night and Joe David verified it…Beth Moore has left the SBC. Now if we could get her cousin Russel to follow, I would be thrilled.

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