Lose The Halo


You must not eat bats. Swarming insects are unclean, so don’t eat them.

~Deuteronomy 14:18-19, CEV


The self-righteous never apologize; they never approach the altar to confess; they have nothing to confess.

~Leonard Ravenhill

I know I’ve put a lot of heavy stuff on you lately so today, we will look on the lighter side. As I was reading Deuteronomy 14 yesterday in the Contemporary English Version; I came across the verses above. The thought that immediately popped into my head was: “Hum, here is a commandment that I have no problem obeying.” Matter of fact, I can’t even recall being tempted to eat a bat. If you allow me to go through the laws and pick the ones I like; I come out smelling like a rose. Let me give you some examples:

  • Don’t eat or smoke camels–Deut. 14:7
  • Don’t eat vultures, ostriches, or owls–Deut. 14:12-18
  • Don’t eat bats, rats or cats–Deut. 14:18, Leviticus 11:29, Jack 1:1
  • Don’t eat road kill–Deut 14:21
  • Don’t boil a young goat in it’s mother’s milk–Deut. 14:21
  • Don’t eat blood–Deut. 12:19

If I make the above my commandments, I am a righteous person. I don’t eat any of these things and I am not tempted to eat any of these things. I have never boiled a kid in its mother’s milk. I wouldn’t think of such a thing. Does this make me righteous or holy? The pagans did all of these things. Moses would not have made the prohibition had this not been a temptation for the Israelites. Last night in the message, I mentioned ROAD RAGE and I could see the halo’s glowing across the congregation. Some were swelling with pride because they were born with an extremely passive nature and they aren’t even tempted to blow their top. Passive people are patient by nature: it doesn’t mean they are saved or that they are more righteous than Jason, Holly or myself. I’m not tempted to eat bats but that doesn’t make me holy. It takes a major catastrophe for a passive person to react to anything. They don’t have the passion to react. Sometimes I think they are afraid to react or just too lazy. This county is in a mess because too many are passive. Yet they sit in judgment of those of us who react too quickly or with undue anger. I know what I’m talking about, I can feel their judgment and their condescension. People like me are awful and disgusting but it’s perfectly okay to talk about the personal problems of others [gossip], or to be hyper critical, cynical, judgmental and yea even condescending.

Don’t worry about me getting them stirred up, they would never dream that I’m referring to them. I preached a scathing sermon years ago to one woman. I was totally in the flesh and somewhat concerned that she might have some choice words for me after the sermon. She came out the door and looked me straight in the eye and this is what she said, “You sure got them told today Bro. Jack, that was a much needed message. I thought to myself, “Yes it was but you didn’t get it.” So don’t worry about this blog offending anyone, the self-righteous have no sin. If you are a sinner like myself, I am sure you enjoyed it. Remember to lay off the bats.

Well old man winter has paid us a visit and he is cold. I had to get out some yesterday and I like to froze. It is hard to believe that we are on the last week of regular time. We have to spring up this Sunday morning. We have been getting out a little before dark on Sunday night but the next time I preach {March 17} we should get out over an hour before dark. Countdown to Spring break is only 12 days. The Chloe Bug is going to Disney World. We all need something to look forward to.

Saw a bumper sticker yesterday…I don’t need GOOGLE, my wife knows everything.” This brings up the age old question: “If a man says something and his wife is not there to correct him, is he still wrong?”

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