Losers Never Learn


So I advise you to stay away from these men. Leave them alone. If what they are planning is something of their own doing, it will fail. But if God is behind it, you cannot stop it anyway, unless you want to fight against God.

~Acts 5:38-39, CEV


Part of me suspects that I am a loser, the other part thinks I am God almighty.

~John Lennon

The Sadducees were losers. Yes they were rich and powerful. They worked hand in hand with Rome which means they were not zealots, not patriots, not true Israelites. For the Sadducee, being Jewish was not about religion or love of God and country; it was about power and wealth. They were black-hearted men who controlled the Temple and the Sanhedrin. The words above, taken from Acts 5, were spoken by a Pharisee, not a Sadducee. His name was Gamaliel which means “God is my avenger.” He was one of Paul’s instructors and a recognized authority in the¬†Mishna [Jewish history]. He was a very wise man and he gave excellent advice. Unfortunately, the Sadducees didn’t take his advice. They did spare the Apostles lives but they beat them and threatened them before releasing them. The poor idiots poured gas on the fire. They beat the disciples in order to discourage them but in fact, the beating got them fired up. They left rejoicing and more excited about Jesus than ever before. The Sadducees had done the very thing that Gamaliel had warned them not to do and yes, the fools took God on and have been fighting against him since. They cannot win: they will not win. This makes them losers.

The purest definition of a “loser” is a person who fights God or against His Son and His people: it is a battle that cannot be won. I know you get tired of hearing it and I admit it is a drum I like to beat but the Sadducees are alive and well and they are still fighting against God. The modern day Sadducee is in the mold of a Michael Bloomberg or George Soros–filthy rich, power hungry Jews who have contempt for Christ and all His followers. Don’t kid yourself, they are behind every dark and diabolical thing going on in America. In America, they work through organizations like the ACLU and practically all the civil rights groups. Yes, they had a lot to do with getting prayer and bible reading out of public schools. They not only support abortion, they profit from it. Abortion is not a public service rendered, it is a multi-billion dollar industry. Just as the Sadducees corrupted the Jewish Temple and it’s services, they have corrupted America and all for the sake of a dollar. They are always found in the shadows of communism, labor unions and civil rights groups. They work by manipulating others. Soros and Bloomberg are rare exceptions; most of them prefer to remain anonymous. Churchill and Hitler were arch enemies but they agreed on one thing: The Sadducees ignited the communist revolution in Russia [1917]. How do these rich Jews escape such things as the holocaust: they are multi-nationalist, the have the money to relocate in any part of the world desirable. Hitler didn’t touch the Sadducees: he murdered peasant and middle class Jews. If you think I’m wrong, do your own research but be prepared to be shocked.

Wind was a little chilly but otherwise another beautiful day. The vacationers are off to the races: Disney World, Cruises, and Pigeon Forge. What about those picks: I got all four right. You thought LSU would beat Florida, didn’t you. The real game was Duke vs. NC. Zion Williamson is some kid of player. Reminds me of Charles Barkley, only better. I’ve never seen a big man that quick.

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