Loving Good-Hating Evil


The delight of a king is righteous counsel, and he will love the one who speaks uprightly.

~Proverbs 16:13, NET


Sin deforms; education informs; prisons reform; the world conforms; But only Christ transforms.

~Adrian Rogers

Before Saul became known as Paul, he persecuted the church and he hated Christ. After conversion he had a radical change of heart: he began preaching Jesus instead of persecuting Him. Instead of hating those who met in homes for prayer, he wanted to join them. One of the evidences of our salvation is found in our desires. Do you love the word of God? Do you love prayer meetings? Do you love people, especially God’s people? You should also love righteousness and truth and you show hate evil, perversion and lies. You should take delight when you hear a leader speak the truth or take a stand for what is right. President Trump attended the March for Life. As such, he became the only president in history to stand up for the rights of the unborn. Reagan did speak to us by intercom but he did not make an appearance and I am sure it was for political reasons. Donald Trump is not a politician which is one of he more refreshing things about him. I took great delight in seeing him stand for the right of the unborn. Another leader I admire is Franklin Graham. Franklin does not fall in line with political correctness, he boldly speaks the truth in love. His father was an evangelist but Franklin is more of a prophet in the mold of John the Baptist. John was never concerned about political correctness, but he had a passion for truth.

We are living in a culture of lies. These lies are not random; they are all spun from the same web. John Dewey, known infamously as the father of modern education, did most of his writing {damage} while he was a professor at Columbia University. Would you care to guess which institution of higher learning the FRANKFURT SCHOOL choose to introduce cultural Marxism to the U.S. If you guessed Columbia, you would be spot on. They were invited by Dewey himself. Dewey is described as a “Progressive Thinker,” but I am not convinced that he was not a cultural marxist himself. John Dewy is the god of the NEA and we all know that the NEA is a radical left group; right there with the democrats. Am I saying there is a link between cultural marxism and the NEA? Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. At the heart of cultural marxism, the bed rock of this demonic ideology, is evolution and abortion. The sanctity of human life must be destroyed for cultural marxism to work. For decades we have been teaching our children something that we do not believe ourselves: when are we going to say “enough!” They are our children and we will determine what they will be taught. The US Department of Education needs to be abolished and so does the IRS. I guarantee you, the Department of Education is infested with cultural marxist like Dewey. Social Studies {code for marxist propaganda} needs to be eliminated and replace with history, true history. It is time to take a stand against social justice, BLM and all other forms of cultural marxism.

I thought it was going to be overcast yesterday so I decided to move Chloe’s play house: the sun popped out and it was like a steam bath; I went through three shirts. I have a feeling I’m going to feel lead to study today. Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog. If you want a copy of WHAT EVERY CHRISTIAN NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT SOCIAL JUSTICE, call or come by. All I ask is that you read it and pass it on to someone else who will do the same. Remember Paul Revere and the “British are coming.” This is a lesser version and I’m shouting the “Marxist are here and they are taking over.”

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