Memory Is Precious


I remember the days of old. I ponder all your great works and think about what you have done.

~Psalms 143:4, NLT


My memory is so bad I could plan my own surprise party.


I had some unusual things happen yesterday at Mavis COLS. When we came back to the church for the meal, a little fellow walked up and said, “Do you remember a fellow by the name of Sam Nunn?” I said, “I sure do, he is you.” I did remember him, he is a relative of Hugh. He said, “I want to introduce you to my wife Phyllis, she was at the point of death and you prayed over her, not once but four times. She will never forget it an neither will I.” Then Phyllis came up and hugged me thanking me profusely. I had to be honest: Sam I remembered but I did not remember Phyllis or praying over her. The longer we talked the more my memory was jogged: Hugh carried me to see them and then I continued to check on Phyllis for the rest of her tenure at DGH. I had forgotten all about it. I sure wish I could forget my mistakes as easily but God has a purpose for us not forgetting our sins.

Then Johnny Rowe came up to me and began thanking me. Johnny and I have done a lot of COLS together; there is no one I had rather work with. Johnny expressed affection and gratitude; I was overwhelmed. Johnny said, “If I needed you Bro. Jack, I think you would come help me.” “I will be there Johnny, if and as long as I am able, just give me a call,” I said. Johnny loves June’s cakes. His favorite is Italian Creme but he also loves her Carrot Cake. A few years back I carried him a three layer Carrot Cake. Johnny eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He loves our ladies cooking. Ralph said he broke the speed limit to get back to the church. Johnny is a good man.

On the light side. I went into the office yesterday to get on my computer and my stuff was in a box in front of the door. Mandy chuckled, “He has moved you out.” After the service and the meal I loaded up the boxes he had packed and brought them home. I sat them in the floor of my study and proceeded to the recliner for a few minutes of R & R. June, the curious one, saw the boxes when she came home and of course, she had to know what was in them. I told her it was junk from my office but she went through it immediately. She found a Christmas card and a gift certificate to CB. I had no idea it was there. She kept the CB gift certificate and handed me the card. It was one of the most touching cards I have ever received. I’m going to keep the card. I may even frame it. God is good!

P.S. Everything about yesterday was grace; all grace. I prefer not to go into details; just trust me, it was GRACE. I feel by Mavis the way John the Baptist felt about Jesus, “I am not worthy to tie her shoe, let alone speak at her COLS.” Thank you Joe and Bradley. Joe David and I consider it an honor.


Oh no! Is it Block Party time again!

I think I have my new schedule worked out. I will be working one day a week at the church office and that will be Wednesdays. I will be working for E-tech on Tuesday and Thursday. I like my set up: I have two good bosses. Both have been very kind to me and I have great respect for both. The first 4 days of my retirement have been jam packed and a bit demanding: I do hope this is not an indication of how 2017 will go. I am really looking forward to Sunday and a normal schedule. I will be getting biscuits and donuts and staying in the nursery. Lexi and I will have the one with the triplets. I am also looking forward to having our kids for lunch. It has been a while since we have had a normal Sunday. Some folks misunderstood my comments about Joe. I do miss Hugh more than folks realize and when I see Joe’s statue, his mannerisms, the way he stands, I do see reflections of Hugh. I had some females get over me about my comments. I did say Joe was a gentler, kinder version but evidently some women don’t listen well. I’m off to work: it is going to be cold today.

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